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Breanna Drew and James Matthews

, canoeing, and equestrian) were also invited to part in the study via the university’s elite athlete academy programme. Of the 331 student-athletes who were approached to take part, 185 (M = 20.77 years of age; SD = 2.50; 35% female) met the criteria, agreed to participate and completed study measures

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Krystn Orr, Katherine A. Tamminen, Shane N. Sweet, Jennifer R. Tomasone and Kelly P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos

, with sledge hockey, wheelchair basketball, canoeing, and archery … . Most of my (variety in) physical activity has come from joining other things.” For Yash, participation in a multisport program, in which each week and within each session a different sport is practiced, provided him the opportunity to

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Danny Lum and Tiago M. Barbosa

instance, kayaking and canoeing. Therefore, the results of this meta-analysis should not be generalized to other OTBS besides the ones reported in this study. Future studies in this field should aim to compare the effects of different modes of strength training (isometric, isotonic, eccentric, variable

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Laurie B. Patterson, Susan H. Backhouse and Sergio Lara-Bercial

.0 Swimming 16 5.0 Taekwondo 13 4.1 Water Skiing and Wakeboarding 11 3.5 Football 10 3.1 Ice Dancing/Figure Skating 8 2.5 Rugby Union 7 2.2 Fencing 6 1.9 Badminton 5 1.6 Golf, Netball, Skiing 3 0.9 Basketball, Gymnastics, Tennis, Squash 2 0.6 American Football, Canoeing, Diving, Gaelic Football, Handball

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Lin Yu, Hanhan Xue and Joshua I. Newman

characteristics of Shanghai as viable sports city, the same administrator explained the ways in which the administration and Shanghai residents were adapting to this new order of sport (development) which gives primacy to international spectator sport: In another example, though the Canoe Marathon event

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Pamela Wicker, Sören Dallmeyer and Christoph Breuer

The research context is Germany and elite athletes in less commercialized sports, including many Olympic sports, such as rowing, canoeing, track and field, field hockey, judo, volleyball, triathlon, ski jumping, speed skating, and women’s football (soccer). More commercialized sports, like men

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Dawn C. Mackey, Alexander D. Perkins, Kaitlin Hong Tai, Joanie Sims-Gould and Heather A. McKay

, and ice hockey. d Includes hiking, canoeing, jogging, pool walking, boxing, chair exercises at home, kayaking, skating, skip rope, snow shoeing, tennis, and treadmill at home. Destinations most commonly selected for active transportation in personal action plans were parks ( n  = 10, 36%), cities ( n

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Peter Olusoga, Marte Bentzen and Goran Kentta

). The relationship between job satisfaction and burnout in fast-pitch softball coaches . Journal of Contemporary Athletics, 9 ( 1 ), 1 – 14 . Hill , A.P. , Hall , H.K. , & Appleton , P.R. ( 2010 ). Perfectionism and burnout in canoe polo and kayak slalom athletes: The mediating influence of

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Holly Thorpe, Julie Brice and Anna Rolleston

Island migrants to New Zealand from Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau, Tuvalu, and other smaller Pacific nations. 11. Interestingly, in sharing the findings from this paper with the team nutritionist, he has worked to incorporate Māori values and imagery (i.e., fueling the waka [canoe]) into the

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David I. Anderson

these skills is enormous, ranging from paddling a canoe, to typing on a keyboard, to playing various sports and games. During the maturational period in motor development in the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s (see Clark, 2017 ; Clark & Whitall, 1989 ), phylogenetic skills were considered to be relatively