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Melanie Vetter, Helen O’Connor, Nicholas O’Dwyer and Rhonda Orr

.V.), with the support of a classroom teacher, conducted the testing in the same sex groups of 12–15 children (regardless of intervention group) using a standardized encouragement protocol to minimize bias. Fitness level was compared with recommendations for children of similar age, where a level <33 mL

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Riley Galloway, Robert Booker and Scott Owens

.5%) 0 (0%) 16 (100%) For each school, letters were mailed to school officials, containing explanations of the study and an invitation for participation of one randomly selected class. Randomization was conducted by way of alphabetizing the last names of the fourth-grade classroom teachers and selecting

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Gabriella M. McLoughlin, Kim C. Graber, Amelia M. Woods, Tom Templin, Mike Metzler and Naiman A. Khan

for a Healthier Generation ( n.d. ). Students in Grades 5–8 participate in morning recess combined with teacher-developed activities such as calisthenics or yoga, and K–4 students participate in a group dance activity led by classroom teachers, followed by a stretching activity. Students can also

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E. Kipling Webster, Leah E. Robinson and Danielle D. Wadsworth

relationship between the individual factors of the preschoolers (microsystem) targeted through CBAB conducted by classroom teachers (mesosystem). In addition, potential policy changes were examined by the requirement of CBAB to be conducted on specific testing days within the childcare center (macrosystem) to

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Hannah G. Calvert, Matthew T. Mahar, Brian Flay and Lindsey Turner

–90 70–80 40–50 50–60 40–50  Hispanic/Latino students, % 10–20 20–30 50–60 30–40 50–60  Students eligible for free/reduced-priced meals, % 50–60 40–50 80–90 60–70 80–90  Title 1 status Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Teacher characteristics  Number of self-contained classroom teachers 21 18 22 16 20  Median number

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Xiaofen D. Keating, Jingwen Liu, Xiaolu Liu, Jeff Colburn, Jianmin Guan and Ke Zhou

wanted to be a coach ( Curtner-Smith, 1999 ; Goc-Karp et al., 1985 ). Using a qualitative method with preservice classroom teachers ( n  = 33) who enrolled in a PE teaching method course as participants, Linker and Woods ( 2018 ) reported that preservice classroom teachers’ beliefs of PE positively

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Panos Constantinides and Stephen Silverman

& Zakrajsek, 1993 ). Context of Physical Education in Cyprus Like other countries in Europe, in Cyprus, physical education is part of the national elementary school curriculum. It is taught twice a week by classroom teachers who are assigned to teach mostly or only physical education for grades 1–6. The class

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Ali Brian, Adam Pennell, Ryan Sacko and Michaela Schenkelburg

. ( 1986 ). The adult self-perception profile . (Unpublished manual). University of Denver . Morgan , P.J. , & Hansen , V. ( 2008 ). Classroom teachers’ perceptions of the impact of barriers to teaching physical education on the quality of physical education programs . Research Quarterly for

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influences on the teachers’ ability to incorporate physical activity in the classroom. Teachers ( N  = 60) from preschool to eighth grade from five school districts participated in a semistructured interview. Factors influencing teachers’ ability to implement physical activity in the classroom included

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Catherine P. Abel-Berei, Grace Goc Karp, Marcis Fennell, Elisa Drake and Simon Olsen

barrier to CSPAP implementation ( Carson, Pulling, et al., 2014 ). Similarly, PE and classroom teachers reported a perceived lack of time for planning and conducting PA programs ( Deslatte & Carson, 2014 ; Jones et al., 2014 ; Patton, 2012 ). Challenges experienced by school personnel include a lack of