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Nikolas Dickerson

examine the larger issues of race and understandings of being human (see Spillers, 1997 ; Weheliye, 2014 ), I use the term dehumanizing to refer to representations of black masculinity that do not account for the complexities and emotional experiences of black men. The limiting and dehumanizing

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Stanley Thangaraj

“racial formations” ( Omi & Winnant, 1994 ). The scandal disrupted the complexity of multi-racial identity with racialized discourses that positioned Asian-ness against African American identities—as both neatly coherent, contained, and decipherable entities. To consolidate racial difference and create

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Kim Toffoletti, Catherine Palmer and Sumaya Samie

also have a broader decolonizing agenda” Saveedra invites further reflection on the complexities of “confronting complicity and seeking solidarity” through sport activism. In reviewing Sumaya F. Samie and Aarti Ratna’s edited collection Race, gender and sport: The politics of ethnic ‘Other’ girls and

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Shelby N. Anderson

determine equitable opportunities for transgender athletes. The editors chose articles, interviews, and reports that come to differing conclusions on the issues related to sex segregation, which only accentuates the complexity of this topic. Readers should appreciate that the editors not only mentioned sex

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Marianne I. Clark and Holly Thorpe

human bodies” (p. 34). Intrigued by an ongoing project on mothers' experiences of self-tracking  by the first author, we believed the complexity of such relationships merit further theoretical attention. Both working with feminist new materialisms, we felt this provided a timely and compelling case

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Sarah Oxford and Fiona McLachlan

gender equality. The current SDP paradigm includes the “girling of SDP”, whereby there is an increased presence of female participants, specific SGD agenda’s targeting how girls’ lives can be improved and more research addressing the complexities of gender relations within sport and SDP as a global

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Trygve B. Broch and Eivind Å. Skille

the state has provided NIF’s leaders a significant legitimacy to speak on behalf of the Norwegian grassroots, even Norwegian civil society. Only sport politics broadly defined , its public discourse ( Ronglan, 2015 ), can properly fathom this empirical complexity. Cultural sociology expounds the

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Montserrat Martin, Nancy Spencer and Toni Bruce

). In a statement that supports our analytic intention, Picart ( 2008 ) then proposes that we need to track “these apparent binaries not as inevitabilities but as imaginative possibilities and strategic, political narratives” (p. 197). Having outlined some of the gender complexities, which include

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Paulette Stevenson

towards optimizing her resources through incessant calculation, personal initiative and innovation” ( Rottenberg, 2013 , p. 422). The complexity of the neoliberal feminist subject is pronounced in anniversary coverage of Title IX. According to Rossner and Whiteside ( 2016 ) Title IX’s 40th anniversary

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Simon C. Darnell, Richard Giulianotti, P. David Howe and Holly Collison

diversity and complexity of SDP programs and their participants and also fail to illuminate the ideologies, politics or funding structures that underpin such programs, particularly on a global scale ( Darnell & Hayhurst, 2011 ). In turn, critical scholars have called attention to the importance of