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Colin D. McLaren and Kevin S. Spink

, 2018 ; Smith, Arthur, Hardy, Callow, & Williams, 2013 ; Sullivan & Short, 2011 ). Generally, this research supports the observations that acceptance-, distinctiveness-, and positive conflict-related communication positively predicted cohesion, whereas negative conflict-related communication

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Michael D. McAdie, Monica R. Lininger and Meghan Warren

conflicting. The majority of the studies 13 , 17 , 18 included in this review concluded that the TJA and modified TJA can be reliably scored; however the highest-quality study 16 in this review concluded that the TJA cannot be reliably scored due to inconsistencies in the TJA protocol and lack of specific

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Drue Stapleton

composite FMS score and associated injury risk. Due to variety in these factors and the discrepancy in reported results, composite FMS score as a predictor of injury should be done with caution. Implications for Practice, Education, and Future Research The three studies evaluated demonstrate conflicting

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Khirey B. Walker, Chad Seifried, Brian Soebbing and Kwame Agyemang

to organizational members and the public, it is likely that the NCAA frames misconduct in specific ways “to marginalize such conflicts that result from the increased commercialization of big-time college sport” ( Southall & Nagel, 2008 , p. 520). In support of this assumption, Southall and Nagel

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Stephanie M. Mazerolle and Chantel Hunter

Key Points ▸ Athletic trainers working in the professional sport setting do experience conflicts in finding work-life balance. ▸ The complexity of the role that the athletic trainer plays in the professional sport setting creates the foundation for conflict and barriers to work-life balance. ▸ Time

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Christianne M. Eason, Stephanie M. Singe and Kelsey Rynkiewicz

Work–family conflict (WFC) is an area of interest that has been studied extensively in the athletic trainer population, with a focus on causes and consequences. 1 – 5 Conflict can be described as an incompatibility between two or more opinions, interests, or roles. The demands associated with the

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Brian Wilson and Nicolien VanLuijk

coverage looks like. The model that guided this paper is one that has been adopted by some journalists and researchers specifically concerned with techniques for conflict transformation. As noted above, the model is known as “peace journalism,” or “PJ.” Although this approach emerged from the field of

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Nicholas S. Washburn, K. Andrew R. Richards and Oleg A. Sinelnikov

–life conflict as being associated with PNS among athletics coaches. The results of this previous research yield valuable insight into the practical experiences that influence teachers’ psychological needs. However, additional research is needed that focuses on how these psychological needs are influenced by

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Sheng H. Kioh, Sumaiyah Mat, Shahrul B. Kamaruzzaman, Fatimah Ibrahim, Mas S. Mokhtar, Noran N. Hairi, Robert G. Cumming, Phyo K. Myint and Maw P. Tan

, however, remains unclear, with available evidence on this relationship showing conflicting results. Several studies have found that a higher BMI leads to altered balance and postural sway, leading to an inability to adapt to external stress, which then results in falls and fractures ( Corbeil, Simoneau