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Carol R. Glass, Claire A. Spears, Rokas Perskaudas and Keith A. Kaufman

, and Pearson correlations then explored relationships between weekly practice and change in outcomes. Results Baseline Characteristics Chi square analyses and t -tests revealed no significant differences at pre-test between groups (MSPE vs. wait-list controls; attenders vs. completers), demonstrating

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Graig M. Chow, Matthew D. Bird, Nicole T. Gabana, Brandon T. Cooper and Martin A. Swanbrow Becker

attitudes or beliefs ( Monteith & Pettit, 2011 ). A meta-analysis found weak correlations between measures of implicit and explicit stigma ( Hofmann, Gawronski, Gschwendner, Le, & Schmitt, 2005 ), suggesting that stigma is a complex construct that requires careful assessment. While the need for utilization

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Nicole T. Gabana, Aaron D’Addario, Matteo Luzzeri, Stinne Soendergaard and Y. Joel Wong

four weeks. Lambert, Fincham, Braithwaite, Graham, and Beach ( 2009 ) not only found a correlation between prayer frequency and gratitude, but determined that prayer frequency predicted gratitude even after controlling for gratitude and religiosity. In an experimental portion of the same study

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Emily Kroshus, Jessica Wagner, David L. Wyrick and Brian Hainline

to examine whether there were correlations between subsets of these 5 items that were exogenous to their loadings onto the latent construct. While this 5-item variable was a reasonable fit for the data (chi 2 (5) =8.97, p  = .110, CFI = 0.992 RMSEA: 0.083, SRMR = 0.018), an inspection of

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Graig M. Chow, Matthew D. Bird, Stinne Soendergaard and Yanyun Yang

residual correlation between x18 and x19 was .371. Factor 1 was Concerned Communication and loadings ranged from .502 to .758 (all cross loadings under .29). Factor 2 was Conditional Leniency and loadings ranged from .502 to .888 (all cross loadings under .17). Factor 3 was Enforcement and loadings ranged

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Vagner D.O. Tavares, Kell G. da Costa, Daniel A.R. Cabral, Maria L.M. Rego, Menna Price and Eduardo B. Fontes

nonparametric variables as the median (confidence interval; see Table  1 ). Initial Spearman correlations were conducted for the variables of interest (commission errors and reaction time of go no/go task, VO 2 max). Potential covariables (age, time of drug use, body mass index, days in abstinence, and DASS-21

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Tobias Lundgren, Gustaf Reinebo, Markus Näslund and Thomas Parling

. Significant correlations were found between the above-mentioned processes (values, acceptance and mindfulness; VAMS) and life satisfaction ( r  = −.43, n  = 38, p  < .001), and depression, stress and anxiety ( r  = .47, n  = 39, p  < .001) in ice hockey players ( Lundgren et al., 2018 ). The total scale

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Victoria McGee and J.D. DeFreese

restricted maximum likelihood estimation was conducted to examine study hypotheses. First, a null model was run to calculate intra-class correlations for all outcomes (i.e., global and dimensional burnout and engagement). Next, the hypothesized model (i.e., Model 1) was conducted to examine relationships

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Pooja Somasundaram and Alexandra M. Burgess

current dataset. The F-MPS-B subscales demonstrated adequate internal consistency in the present sample (α = .79 for evaluative concerns, and α = .80 for striving) and maintained a moderate, positive correlation ( r  = .394, p  < .001), consistent with prior literature. Further, a Confirmatory Factor

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Renee Engeln, Margaret Shavlik and Colleen Daly

, Lin, Montoya, Neal, & Shaffer, 2007 ) to examine correlations between appearance-focused motivations for exercise and body image outcomes. Appearance-focused reasons for exercise have been linked with body dissatisfaction and disordered eating behaviors ( DiBartolo et al., 2007 ; McDonald & Thompson