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Dietrich Rothenbacher, Dhayana Dallmeier, Michael D. Denkinger, Bernhard O. Boehm, Wolfgang Koenig, Jochen Klenk and ActiFE Study Group

tape. The participants were instructed to wear the sensor over 24 hr for 7 consecutive days. Only days with activity measurements over the complete 24 hr were considered valid days and included in the analysis. Accordingly, the first and the last day of the assessment period were excluded. The data

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Andrew Hooyman, Alexander Garbin and Beth Fisher

of incorrectly inferring changes in connectivity that may be a result of noise. We discuss this statistical procedure in detail within the Data Processing and Analysis section. Informed Consent and Safety Screening After informed consent is obtained from prospective participants, a TMS safety screen

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Matthew Pearce, Tom R.P. Bishop, Stephen Sharp, Kate Westgate, Michelle Venables, Nicholas J. Wareham and Søren Brage

indirect model. Finally, to demonstrate utility, we examined the associations between all PAEE estimates and body mass index (BMI) using multivariable linear regression adjusted for age and sex in a subset of 1695 participants in the Fenland Study. All data processing and analyses were performed in STATA

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Heidi R. Thornton, Jace A. Delaney, Grant M. Duthie and Ben J. Dascombe

, absolute thresholds permit comparisons between sports and/or competitions 16 ; however, variations in GPS manufacturers, sampling frequencies, and data processing methods influence such comparisons. 16 , 17 Altogether, practitioners should consider which method is most appropriate to evaluate data that

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Amber M. Leiker, Anupriya Pathania, Matthew W. Miller and Keith R. Lohse

/engagement directly explain the learning benefits. Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank Won Valerius and Peyton Camp for their assistance with data collection and data processing, and Drs. Jennifer Robinson and Mary Rudisill for their insightful comments on earlier drafts of this work. References Aksoy

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Emily Borgundvaag, Michael McIsaac, Michael M. Borghese and Ian Janssen

, are deleted. 7 – 9 Furthermore, participants with an insufficient number of valid days, often defined as <4 days with ≥10 hours of wear time, are deleted from the dataset altogether. 7 – 9 Two issues arise when nonwear-time epochs are deleted during the accelerometer data processing that could lead

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Alex V. Rowlands, Tatiana Plekhanova, Tom Yates, Evgeny M. Mirkes, Melanie Davies, Kamlesh Khunti and Charlotte L. Edwardson

downloaded using OmGui open-source software (OmGui Version, Open Movement, Newcastle, UK). ActiGraph monitors were initialized and downloaded using ActiLife (version 6.13.3), saved in raw format as .gt3x, then converted to .csv format for data processing. The “idle sleep mode” in the ActiGraph

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Orland Hoeber, Ryan Snelgrove, Larena Hoeber and Laura Wood

visualization, integrating data processing, machine learning, and human–computer interaction methods with the goal of enabling data exploration, analytic reasoning, hypothesis development and testing, information synthesis, and decision-making ( Keim et al., 2008 ; Thomas & Cook, 2006 ). The goal is to take

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Masafumi Terada, Megan Beard, Sara Carey, Kate Pfile, Brian Pietrosimone, Elizabeth Rullestad, Heather Whitaker and Phillip Gribble

the stance limb; (c) hopped or took a step with the stance limb; (d) removed their hands from their hips; (e) lifted their forefoot or heel; and/or (f) opened their eyes. The number of failed trials were recoded and compared between groups. Data Processing and Analysis Using Motion-Monitor software

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Renato Claudino, Marcio José dos Santos and Giovana Zarpellon Mazo

caused by falls. Because the mass of the pendulum and the distance from which it was released remained the same, we induced similar perturbations across all the participants and trials. The magnitudes of perturbations were large enough to evoke compensatory feet-in-place reactions. Data Processing We