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Bent R. Rønnestad, Tue Rømer and Joar Hansen

MAS were calculated as the sum of the power against gravity and the power against rolling friction (friction coefficient = 0.0237) at the respective velocities as described previously. 21 HIT Sessions The HIT sessions were performed at a fixed time of day (±1 h) interspersed with 3 to 5 days

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Levi Heimans, Wouter R. Dijkshoorn, Marco J.M. Hoozemans and Jos J. de Koning

accompanied changes in required power may be of interest. Therefore, minimizing required power for a team or an individual in a team can contribute to a better performance. Aerodynamic drag is caused by moving through air and can be assigned into a certain amount of friction drag and pressure drag, which

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Rienk M.A. van der Slikke, Annemarie M.H. de Witte, Monique A.M. Berger, Daan J.J. Bregman and Dirk Jan H.E.J. Veeger

, albeit only in 1 direction (adding mass). Finally, additional grip is expected to enhance performance. 7 – 9 It is common practice to use high-friction gloves in wheelchair racing and rugby, but not in wheelchair basketball. Although the use of gloves will probably not find its way into basketball, but

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Brock Laschowski, Naser Mehrabi and John McPhee

previous research. 10 , 11 A prismatic kinematic pair was used to model the contact between the curling stone and ice (Figure  2 B); rotations about the vertical axis were omitted. The contact model also included dry Coulomb friction. 9 The multibody biomechanical model has 3 degrees of freedom and is

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Carlos Balsalobre-Fernández, Hovannes Agopyan and Jean-Benoit Morin

, Belli A . A simple method for measurement of maximal downstroke power on friction-loaded cycle ergometer . J Biomech . 2004 ; 37 ( 1 ): 141 – 145 . PubMed doi: 10.1016/S0021-9290(03)00253-7 14672578 24. Girard O , Brocherie F , Morin JB , Millet GP . Intra- and inter

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Mark Glaister, Colin Towey, Owen Jeffries, Daniel Muniz-Pumares, Paul Foley and Gillian McInnes

. Winter EM , Brown D , Roberts NKA , Brookes FBC , Swaine IL . Optimized and corrected peak power output during friction-braked cycle ergometry . J Sports Sci . 1996 ; 14 ( 6 ): 513 – 521 . PubMed ID: 8981290 doi:10.1080/02640419608727738 8981290 10.1080/02640419608727738 15. Durnin JV

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Paul F.J. Merkes, Paolo Menaspà and Chris R. Abbiss

opposing forces caused by road gradient, air resistance, acceleration, and friction. These forces are calculated using 9 different measurements: 3 accelerometers to measure displacements in the x , y , and z directions; frontal air pressure using a small port at the front of the device; environmental

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Yumeng Li, He Wang and Kathy J. Simpson

primarily taken up by the ligaments because the friction between the tibia and femur was assumed to be negligible. 35 As the ACL is the primary restraint to anterior translation of the tibia, the posterior tibiofemoral force could correspond to the ACL loading. In other words, the posterior tibiofemoral

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Adam Douglas, Michael A. Rotondi, Joseph Baker, Veronica K. Jamnik and Alison K. Macpherson

, and hip adductors. Due to the low coefficient of friction of the ice, the forward propulsion in skating needs to be perpendicular to the gliding direction of the skate, which leads to more horizontal and lateral force production than running or sprinting. 14 As with the use of any technology or

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Toshimasa Yanai, Akifumi Matsuo, Akira Maeda, Hiroki Nakamoto, Mirai Mizutani, Hiroaki Kanehisa and Tetsuo Fukunaga

force at landing. As pitchers exhibit slight sliding or twisting of the stride foot upon landing even in practice and game situations, neither a highly frictional rigid surface that completely prevents the stride foot from moving nor a slippery surface that induces anticipatory changes in pitching