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Nicole T. Gabana, Aaron D’Addario, Matteo Luzzeri, Stinne Soendergaard and Y. Joel Wong

the clinical intake, the same way one would assess topics such as gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or family background from a multicultural approach. Regarding the performer as a person first, with a multifaceted identity, can aid practitioners in gathering vital information

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Mara Simon and Laura Azzarito

’t brought up with a constant reminder that I was Chinese; my parents really wanted us to become Americanized . . . I try to pass [gender equality] along to my girls, to make them realize that there’s nothing wrong with being athletic as a female. Kristi’s choice to focus on her gendered identity and work

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Joshua Woods

.1080/08941920490466585 10.1080/08941920490466585 Jun , J. , & Kyle , G.T. ( 2012 ). Gender identity, leisure identity, and leisure participation . Journal of Leisure Research, 44 ( 3 ), 353 – 378 . doi:10.1080/00222216.2012.11950269 10.1080/00222216.2012.11950269 Jun , J. , Kyle , G.T. , & Mowen , A

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Rachel Allison

experiences and outcomes. The literature also suggests that various social identity groups (racial identity, gender identity, sexual identity, etc.) perceive the campus climate differently and their perceptions may adversely affect student outcomes including learning” ( Hoffman et al., 2016 , p. 165). Theory

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Anne Tjønndal

the participants, both coaches and athletes, were white Norwegians by ethnicity and heritage. Race and ethnicity is important to consider in regards to how individuals and groups experience their gendered identity and racialized gendered power relations in sport (e.g.,  Massao & Fasting, 2010 ). The

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Holly Thorpe, Julie Brice and Anna Rolleston

. 11). In a sporting context, Palmer and Masters ( 2010 ) are among the rare few to have utilized a mana wāhine approach in order to give Māori women sport leaders an “opportunity to voice their experiences, especially with regards to ethnocultural and gendered identities” (p. 331). Their findings

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Zoë A. Poucher, Katherine A. Tamminen and Gretchen Kerr

: The influence of biological sex and gender identity . Social Behavior and Personality, 40 , 175 – 176 . doi:10.2224/sbp.2012.40.1.175 10.2224/sbp.2012.40.1.175 Wang , D. , & Gruenewald , T. ( 2017 ). The psychological cost of social support imbalance: Variation across relationship context

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Irene Muir, Krista J. Munroe-Chandler and Todd Loughead

, 13 , 245 – 268 . 10.1123/tsp.13.3.245 Mennesson , C. ( 2009 ). Being a man in dance: Socialization modes and gender identities . Sport in Society, 12 , 174 – 195 . doi:10.1080/17430430802590979 10.1080/17430430802590979 Monsma , E.V. , & Overby , L.Y. ( 2004 ). The relationship between

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Adele Pavlidis, Millicent Kennelly and Laura Rodriguez Castro

emerge. The media does not cast her as a “fatal woman”, and in many instances the media perpetuates misconceptions and gives voice to those who challenge Semenya’s gender identity as a woman (see for example, Ziegler, 2019 ). Instead, in the media analyzed, Semenya is cast as “blank”, “emotionless

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Nola Agha and Marijke Taks

’s Stadium in Santa Clara, and SAP Center in San Jose. Demographic questions included gender identity, age (in years), and annual household income (15 categories). To capture a respondent’s attitude toward the Super Bowl, data were collected with the Sport Involvement Inventory based on Shank and Beasley