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Fernando Klitzke Borszcz, Artur Ferreira Tramontin and Vitor Pereira Costa

have a good inference capacity for the population. Moreover, the prediction equation could be used to calibrate the values. Practical Applications This study has important practical implications because FTP is a key metric for determining training zones and training load monitoring (ie

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Steven H. Doeven, Michel S. Brink, Barbara C.H. Huijgen, Johan de Jong and Koen A.P.M. Lemmink

): 2431 – 2437 . PubMed ID: 29620966 doi:10.1080/02640414.20181461337 10.1080/02640414.2018.1461337 29620966 28. Vanrenterghem J , Nedergaard NJ , Robinson MA , Drust B . Training load monitoring in team sports: a novel framework separating physiological and biomechanical load

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James W. Navalta, Jeffrey Montes, Nathaniel G. Bodell, Charli D. Aguilar, Ana Lujan, Gabriela Guzman, Brandi K. Kam, Jacob W. Manning and Mark DeBeliso

exercise science ( 8th ed. ). New York, NY : McGraw-Hill . Binsch , O. , Wabeke , T. , & Valk , P. ( 2016 , June 14–17 ). Comparison of three different physiological wristband sensor systems and their applicability for resilience- and work load monitoring . Paper presented at the 2016 IEEE 13

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Aaron T. Scanlan, Robert Stanton, Charli Sargent, Cody O’Grady, Michele Lastella and Jordan L. Fox

levels . J Strength Cond Res . 2017 ; 31 ( 8 ): 2278 – 2288 . PubMed ID: 27662488 doi:10.1519/JSC.0000000000001646 10.1519/JSC.0000000000001646 27662488 29. Svilar L , Castellano J , Jukic I . Load monitoring system in top-level basketball team: relationship between external and internal

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Jake Schuster, Dan Howells, Julien Robineau, Anthony Couderc, Alex Natera, Nick Lumley, Tim J. Gabbett and Nick Winkelman

) Interset rest (s) A 1 4 15 5-s rest/5-rep cluster 120 B 2 4 12 n/a 60 C 3 4 10 n/a 30 Athlete Load Monitoring and Injury Prevention Given the unique duration and frequency of international rugby sevens competitions, management of player fatigue is crucial for both maintaining team performance and limiting

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Timothy J.H. Lathlean, Paul B. Gastin, Stuart V. Newstead and Caroline F. Finch

state league, school, local club, and supervised as well as self-administered strength and conditioning and rehabilitative activities. 7 Involvement in these training and competition activities can lead to excessive load that may be detrimental from an injury prevention perspective. 8 Load monitoring

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Ross Armstrong

specificity of 0.9, and, with lumbar flexion removed, a score of 0.5 provided a sensitivity of 1.0 and a specificity of 0.9. These values may aid injury management and training load monitoring by allowing clinicians to monitor dancers within this sensitivity and specificity continuum for specific total

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Iñigo Mujika, Shona Halson, Louise M. Burke, Gloria Balagué and Damian Farrow

10.1519/JSC.0000000000000572 80. Bouaziz T , Makni E , Passelergue P , et al . Multifactorial monitoring of training load in elite rugby sevens players: cortisol/cortisone ratio as a valid tool of training load monitoring . Biol Sport . 2016 ; 33 ( 3 ): 231 – 239 . PubMed doi:10