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Julien Louis, Fabrice Vercruyssen, Olivier Dupuy and Thierry Bernard

–40 g of Proteins per Meal/Snack Amount of proteins (g) Animal sources  One medium chicken/turkey fillet (∼120 g) 35  One medium beef steak (∼110 g) 31  One small tin of tuna in brine (100 g) 25  One medium fish fillet (∼100 g) 22.5  Whey/casein protein powder (30 g) 22.5  Three medium eggs 20  Cow milk

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Gabriella Berwig Möller, Maria Júlia Vieira da Cunha Goulart, Bruna Bellincanta Nicoletto, Fernanda Donner Alves and Cláudia Dornelles Schneider

Probiotics are live microorganisms, usually lactic acid bacteria, that when administered in adequate amounts, bring health benefits to the host ( Rijkers et al., 2011 ). Their usage has widely increased, mainly as dietary supplements in capsules, powder or fermented milk ( Pyne et al., 2015

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Michael J. Ormsbee, Brandon D. Willingham, Tasha Marchant, Teresa L. Binkley, Bonny L. Specker and Matthew D. Vukovich

 al. ( 2011 ) provided chocolate milk (∼20 g/day of protein) following 60 min/day of cycling for 4.5 weeks. Subjects consuming chocolate milk experienced improvements in body composition and aerobic power compared with a carbohydrate-only group and placebo group. Our data show significant increases in lean

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Stephanie K. Gaskell and Ricardo J.S. Costa

-FODMAP Foods and Fluids Consumed by the Case Runner (A) 6 Days Lead-In and (B) During the TransRockies Run Multistage Ultramarathon Time period Consumed (A)  Breakfast Large bowl of gluten-free cornflakes with lactose-free milk and a banana  Snacks Pop-Tarts, one low-FODMAP fruit, lactose-free milk, coffee

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Kapria-Jad Josaphat, Vicky Drapeau, David Thivel and Marie-Eve Mathieu

& Duffy, 2007 ): chocolate syrup mixed with milk or cream (1%, 3.25%, 5%, 10%, and 15% lipids) followed by water mixed with sugary juice powder (3%, 6%, 8%, 10%, and 12% carbohydrates). As done previously, the regular and low-fat versions of six different food samples were then tested: crackers with cream

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Ronald J. Maughan, Phillip Watson, Philip A.A. Cordery, Neil P. Walsh, Samuel J. Oliver, Alberto Dolci, Nidia Rodriguez-Sanchez and Stuart D.R. Galloway

ingested beverages are key to influencing subsequent urine production, and thus fluid retention ( Maughan et al., 2016 ). Ingested fluids with a high-energy content (such as milk and fruit juice), as well as those with high-electrolyte content (such as milk, fruit juice, and oral rehydration solution

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Christopher Rosimus

the nutrition plan (Table  1 ). Table 1 Summary of Typical Dietary Intake Preintervention and at Week 1 Meal Preintervention Week 1 Breakfast High GI carbohydrate breakfast cereal or porridge with added sugar made with semiskimmed milk. Porridge made with semiskimmed milk. No added sugar. Glass of

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Heather L. Colleran, Andrea Hiatt, Laurie Wideman and Cheryl A. Lovelady

Lactation is a critical period of rapid bone turnover. During lactation, infant suckling stimulates prolactin, the hormone responsible for breast milk production. Prolactin initiates the release of parathyroid hormone-related peptide from the mammary tissue into the bloodstream. 1 The presence of

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Rebekah D. Alcock, Gregory C. Shaw and Louise M. Burke

the consumption of protein for skeletal muscle growth has evolved through a hierarchy of sources: from purified amino acids (i.e., leucine) to intact protein (i.e., whey) to everyday food sources (i.e., chocolate milk) ( Lunn et al., 2012 ). Specifically, we were interested to see if a culturally

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Oliver C. Witard, Ina Garthe and Stuart M. Phillips

Male Sprinter, Male Long Jumper, or Female Javelin Thrower Time Meal Foods providing ∼30 g of protein in highlighted meals during the day 08.00 Breakfast 250-g oatmeal porridge and 200-ml low-fat milk 09.30–11.00 Strength training Water and/or sports drink/bar/gel 11.00 Recovery meal 300-g Greek yogurt