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.4.367 Book Reviews Winners and Losers: Ethnic Minorities in Sport and Recreation Valeria J. Freysinger 12 1998 15 4 372 375 10.1123/ssj.15.4.372 Book Review Book Review Robert Rinehart 12 1998 15 4 376 379 10.1123/ssj.15.4.376 ssj Sociology of Sport Journal 0741-1235 1543-2785 1998 15 4 10.1123/ssj.1998

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-Concept of Obese Novice Adult Female Runners Brigid Byrd * Tamara Hew-Butler * Jeffrey J. Martin * 4 2016 24 24 1 1 54 54 59 59 10.1123/wspaj.2014-0057 Is Authenticity and Integrity Possible for Sexual Minority Athletes? Lesbian Student-Athlete Experiences of U.S. NCAA Division I Sport Jamie M. Fynes

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.1123/wspaj.5.2.49 Newspaper Representation of Women Athletes in 1984 and 1994 Hilary Mathesen Kay Flatten 10 1996 5 5 2 2 65 65 83 83 10.1123/wspaj.5.2.65 Women’s Sport Fiction: Needed Research Joli Sandoz 10 1996 5 5 2 2 85 85 87 87 10.1123/wspaj.5.2.85 Strategies for Increasing Minorities and Women

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. Duda 10 1997 6 6 2 2 239 239 253 253 10.1123/wspaj.6.2.239 Sport Provision for Women of Minority Cultures in Australia: Whose Responsibility? Kristine Toohey Tracy Taylor 10 1997 6 6 2 2 254 254 264 264 10.1123/wspaj.6.2.254 Research with and for Women in Sport: The Responsible Researcher Barbara

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Dustin A. Hahn

athletes ( Adams & Tuggle, 2004 ; Angelini, 2008 ; Kian et al., 2009 ; Tuggle, 1997 ) and presentation of minorities (e.g.,  Angelini, Billings, Macarthur, Bissell, & Smith, 2014 ). But questions of frequency, depiction, and receptivity of female athletes and minorities remain in social media despite

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Kenneth Sean Chaplin and Jeffrey Montez de Oca

have been racial minorities, especially African Americans, who were subsequently branded as unpatriotic, traitors, and communist by journalists and politicians. At the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised black-gloved fists during the US national anthem to demonstrate Black

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Aquasia A. Shaw, Merry Moiseichik, Heather Blunt-Vinti and Sarah Stokowski

lens to examine the processes by which the dominant racial group constructs and allocates specific expectations, behaviors, language, norms and meanings to racial and ethnic minority populations ( Campbell, 2014 ). Differential racialization is the way the dominant group justifies their superiority

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Catherine Phipps

highlighting positive findings in regard to inclusion for some sexual minorities in sport (e.g.,  Anderson, Magrath, & Bullingham, 2016 ), other research suggests that there are still issues to be resolved to ensure sport is accessible to all LGBT+ groups. To expand, there are many different variant identities

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Leslee A. Fisher

declined or stalled, despite increasing female sport participation” (para. 1). Further, she soberly reminds us that there is almost a total absence of women coaching male athletes as well as the fact that women who coach women are now in the minority. In addition, even when female coaches are successful at

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Nikolas Dickerson

). Thus, while the legalization of marijuana has opened space to conceptualize marijuana outside negative stereotypes, racial minorities are still suffering at a higher rate than white Americans when it comes to the enforcement of the prohibition of the plant. The inequities within the current enforcement