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Haresh T. Suppiah, Chee Yong Low, Gabriel Choong and Michael Chia

is salient to athletes, as moderation of sympathetic activity (as indicated by greater high frequency HRV values) is reported to be associated with improved basketball shooting, passing, and dribbling performance. 36 The lack of changes in physiological HRV profiles may be attributed to the

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James J. Annesi

RE . Mediation analysis in social psychology: current practices and recommendations . Soc Personal Psychol Compass . 2011 ; 5 : 359 – 371 . doi: 10.1111/j.1751-9004.2011.00355.x 10.1111/j.1751-9004.2011.00355.x 43. Hayes AF . Introduction to Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process

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Ariane Bélanger-Gravel, Marilie Laferté, Frédéric Therrien, François Lagarde and Lise Gauvin

As results from the regression analyses suggested no significant impact of WIXX among boys, it would be interesting to further examine the potential moderation effect of SES on the WIXX campaign impact within this segment. Given the need to develop public health programs based on the best scientific

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Marcus Ngantcha, Eric Janssen, Emmanuelle Godeau, Virginie Ehlinger, Olivier Le-Nezet, François Beck and Stanislas Spilka

described to obtain similar results. 37 SEM’s main advantage lies in its ability to model observed variables (measured variables) as well as latent variables in both moderation and mediation situations and to extract corresponding measurement errors. 33 Three latent variables were integrated in the

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Ayse Meydanlioglu and Ayse Ergun

foods and reasons that added sugars should be consumed in moderation a • Modify a meal to reduce the amount of sugar a • Discuss the family component of the DADAPH program Session 6 Whole and processed foods In this session, students will: • Distinguish between whole foods and processed foods a • Modify

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Kazuhiro Harada, Kouhei Masumoto and Narihiko Kondo

environment, self-efficacy, and affective responses to acute exercise in older adults . Psychol Health . 2000 ; 15 ( 3 ): 341 – 355 . doi:10.1080/08870440008401997 10.1080/08870440008401997 40. Johansson M , Hartig T , Staats H . Psychological benefits of walking: moderation by company and outdoor

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Jérôme Vaulerin, Frédéric Chorin, Mélanie Emile, Fabienne d’Arripe-Longueville and Serge S. Colson

.4.281 28682196 46. Raedeke TD , Smith AL . Coping resources and athlete burnout: an examination of stress mediated and moderation hypotheses . J Sport Exerc Psychol . 2004 ; 26 ( 4 ): 525 – 541 . doi: 10.1123/jsep.26.4.525

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Maria Kavussanu and Christopher Ring

achieving performance enhancing drug compliance in sport . Sports Medicine, 32 , 269 – 284 . PubMed doi:10.2165/00007256-200232040-00005 10.2165/00007256-200232040-00005 Hayes , A.F. ( 2013 ). Introduction to mediation, moderation, and conditional process analysis: A regression-based approach . New

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John B. Nezlek, Marzena Cypryańska, Piotr Cypryański, Karolina Chlebosz, Karolina Jenczylik, Joanna Sztachańska and Anna M. Zalewska

were weaker for people who ran more than they were for people who ran less. For the kilometers people ran each week, significant moderation was found for weekly Satisfaction with Life Scale (γ 11  = −.0002, p  = .013), self-esteem (γ 11  = −.0002, p  = .015), PA (γ 11  = −.0003, p  < .001), PD (γ 11

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Kelly Lynn Mulvey, Sally Taunton, Adam Pennell and Ali Brian

ID: 21818169 doi:10.1016/j.dr.2010.08.001 10.1016/j.dr.2010.08.001 Bierman , K.L. , Nix , R.L. , Greenberg , M.T. , Blair , C. , & Domitrovich , C.E. ( 2008 ). Executive functions and school readiness intervention: Impact, moderation, and mediation in the Head Start REDI program