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Gabrielle Stubblefield, Jeffrey Tilly and Kathy Liu

. Future research examining the comparison of an acute injury to baseline measurements should also include subjective and other objective measurements. Other subjective data should include a questionnaire such as the Foot and Ankle Ability Measure, 15 Cumberland Ankle Instability Tool, 16 and a pain

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André O. Werneck, Evelyn C.A. Silva, Maria R.O. Bueno, Lidyane Z. Vignadelli, Adewale L. Oyeyemi, Catiana L.P. Romanzini, Enio R.V. Ronque and Marcelo Romanzini

studies are needed to understand the causal nature of the associations. Notwithstanding, by our knowledge, this was the first study that described the association between sedentary behavior patterns, using objective measurement and adiposity indicators from a middle-income country. Middle-income countries

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Dietrich Rothenbacher, Dhayana Dallmeier, Michael D. Denkinger, Bernhard O. Boehm, Wolfgang Koenig, Jochen Klenk and ActiFE Study Group

explain these results. The following strengths and limitations need to be considered. A strength of this study is the objective measurement of PA, specifically walking duration. Self-report is prone to bias and may be a particular issue in older adults. However, the results are based on a cross

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Danilo R. Silva, Cláudia S. Minderico, Pedro B. Júdice, André O. Werneck, David Ohara, Edilson S. Cyrino and Luís B. Sardinha

accelerometers in youth physical activity studies: a review of methods . J Phys Act Health . 2013 ; 10 ( 3 ): 437 – 450 . PubMed ID: 23620392 doi:10.1123/jpah.10.3.437 23620392 10.1123/jpah.10.3.437 12. Byrom B , Stratton G , Mc Carthy M , Muehlhausen W . Objective measurement of sedentary

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Jian Chen, Bruce Oddson and Heather C. Gilbert

lighting levels in postconcussion syndrome. 22 Symptoms like these that have an objective measurement may be valuable in that they may correlate better with the underlying dysfunctions that are responsible for them. The pattern of symptoms may evolve over successive concussions and provide clues to

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Ana Queralt and Javier Molina-García

objective measurements, such as geographical information systems. 4 Indeed, a previous meta-analysis identified the need for the objective assessment of the environment using geographical information system to obtain robust evidence when PA is analyzed. 2 Previous studies have usually classified built

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Alex V. Rowlands

children and adults ( 15 ). How does the effect of environmental interventions on physical activity interact with the weather conditions experienced? If so, to what extent (and why) do these effects vary across settings? With the increasing objective measurement of physical activity globally and the

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Wesley O’Brien, Michael J. Duncan, Orlagh Farmer and Diarmuid Lester

intervention was collected on participants in their class groups (maximum n  = 30) during specific school visits. Objective measurements, such as FMS and FMS ™ , were carried out during a typical PE class, while subjective self-report questionnaire measurements were taken during a separate school visit in a

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Jeremy A. Steeves, Scott A. Conger, Joe R. Mitrzyk, Trevor A. Perry, Elise Flanagan, Alecia K. Fox, Trystan Weisinger and Alexander H.K. Montoye

- and under-estimations) when compared to objective measurement tools ( Prince et al., 2008 ; Sallis & Saelens, 2000 ). In recent years there has been a proliferation of wearable physical activity tracking technologies ( Sullivan & Lachman, 2016 ; Thompson, 2018 ). A wide variety of research-grade and

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Erin Strutz, Raymond Browning, Stephanie Smith, Barbara Lohse and Leslie Cunningham-Sabo

, self-report, and objective measures (ie, accelerometry) have generated mixed results. 14 , 15 Accelerometry is the current best-practice technique for measuring free-living PA in adults and children. 16 , 17 Body-worn accelerometers (ACCs) provide an objective measurement of the frequency, intensity