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Kate Hovey, Diana Niland and John T. Foley

long-term self-efficacy remains unanswered. As described by Green ( 1990 ) and Cain and McAvoy ( 1990 ), ongoing participation in outdoor activities and learning opportunities leads to ongoing development. Conversely, Propst and Koesler ( 1998 ) noted a drop in self-efficacy after prior participants in

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Patrick Abi Nader, Lina Majed, Susan Sayegh, Lama Mattar, Ruba Hadla, Marie Claire Chamieh, Carla Habib Mourad, Elie-Jacques Fares, Zeina Hawa and Mathieu Bélanger

have the proper infrastructure for walkability, playing, or outdoor activities, the environment becomes a restrictor and a limiting factor for PA. 49 Other parameters such as pollution or safety play a role in the perception of the community for opportunities to engage in PA. 50 , 51 In the current

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Lisa E. Bolger, Linda A. Bolger, Cian O’Neill, Edward Coughlan, Wesley O’Brien, Seán Lacey and Con Burns

-intensity dance routines (incorporating FMS), suitable for restricted space. Outdoor activity resources were also provided. 6. FMS Activity Breaks FMS and PA Classroom Break Charts were introduced to aid teachers in the attempt to facilitate 20 minutes FMS practice (and PA) during the school days on which the

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Maria Kosma, David Buchanan and Jan Hondzinski

: “During exercise, I learned how to control my breathing, how to control my asthma, and if I feel like I shouldn’t, then I don’t. If I feel like I may get sick, then I don’t do anything and a lot of times the pollen in the air affects my (asthma) from a lot of outdoor activities… and what I do is take a

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Hojun Sung, Brian M. Mills and Michael Mondello

directly from outdoor activities), we find no effect of weather on away team market viewership. This falsification test again implies that the additional viewers are likely to be almost exclusively made up of fans that would have otherwise attended the local MLS game. This finding is inconsistent with the

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Silvia A. González, Joel D. Barnes, Patrick Abi Nader, Dolores Susana Andrade Tenesaca, Javier Brazo-Sayavera, Karla I. Galaviz, Marianella Herrera-Cuenca, Piyawat Katewongsa, Juan López-Taylor, Yang Liu, Bilyana Mileva, Angélica María Ochoa Avilés, Diego Augusto Santos Silva, Pairoj Saonuam and Mark S. Tremblay

% of children involved in outdoor activities 3 or more days per week), and active transportation (64%). 28 In the case of Thailand, there is a high involvement of parents in facilitating physical activity for their children, high accessibility to school facilities to engage in physical activity, and a

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Heather Kennedy, Bradley J. Baker, Jeremy S. Jordan and Daniel C. Funk

participation. This mirrors industry figures showing a decline in running participation, whereas participation in other outdoor activities rises. For example, outdoor participation trends show a 3-year growth (from 2013 to 2016) in other recreation activities including stand-up paddle boarding (61.6%), cross

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Mikihiro Sato, Jeremy S. Jordan and Daniel C. Funk

popular outdoor activities, more people are engaging in other activities, such as hiking, kayaking, and adventure racing ( Outdoor Foundation, 2017 ). Given that psychological involvement would serve as a proxy for interest ( Iwasaki & Havitz, 1998 ), the joy and meaning of running might be replaced by

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Susan Lagaert, Mieke Van Houtte and Henk Roose

masculine traits is positively related to participation in sports and outdoor activities (e.g., participating at sport competitions, visiting sport events, doing soccer) ( Athenstaedt et al., 2009 ). However, there is currently growing consensus that gender identity is not only dependent on personality

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Annika Frahsa, Anna Streber, Andrea R. Wolff and Alfred Rütten

individual experience during childhood. They referenced how much they had enjoyed active play and outdoor activities like horse riding in their rural contexts. Notably, some Turkish-speaking men stressed that not doing sports did not equate with being inactive. They referred to various culture-specific forms