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Jing Dong Liu and Pak-Kwong Chung

adolescence has been reported ( Nader, Bradley, Houts, McRitchie, & O’Brien, 2008 ), and a similar pattern has also been found in the physical education (PE) context in Hong Kong ( Chow, McKenzie, & Louie, 2008 , 2009 ). School PE is considered a potential venue for promoting a physically active lifestyle

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Chelsee A. Shortt, Collin A. Webster, Richard J. Keegan, Cate A. Egan and Ali S. Brian

; Lundvall, 2015 ). Efforts toward a national collaborative agreement on the conceptualization of PL are already present in Canada ( Canadian Sport for Life, 2015 ) and Australia ( Keegan et al., 2017 ), thus allowing PL to become a focal point for promoting physically active lifestyles as part of their

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Evelia Franco, Javier Coterón, Elisa Huéscar and Juan A. Moreno-Murcia

especially important, as these individuals are less likely to adopt a physically active lifestyle ( Haerens et al., 2010 ; Moreno-Murcia et al., 2013 ). Therefore, the main purpose of this study is to offer an explanatory model of the intention to be physically active among low-motivation students. To

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Pamela H. Kulinna, Charles B. Corbin and Hyeonho Yu

framework for fitness education in physical education . Retrieved from ; 2012 . 14. Dale D , Corbin CB , Cuddihy TF . Can conceptual physical education promote physically active

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Sheri J. Brock, Jared A. Russell, Brenna Cosgrove and Jessica Richards

/University Instructional Physical Activity Program] curriculum are more likely to lead physically active lifestyles than their peers that do not” (p. 104). With this in mind, it is in our best interest to prepare our GTAs to confidently deliver high-quality educational experiences. References Brock , S.J. , Wadsworth

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Daniel Arvidsson, Elias Johannesson, Lars Bo Andersen, Magnus Karlsson, Per Wollmer, Ola Thorsson and Magnus Dencker

physical activity and body fat, and their relationship. Childhood is a period in life characterized by rapid development of the neural system supported by a physically active lifestyle. Few studies have investigated the relationship of physical activity with the expression of NGF and BDNF in children

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John Cairney, Tia Kiez, E. Paul Roetert and Dean Kriellaars

physically active lifestyle. While many regard physical literacy as a distinctly British concept, this would appear to be a fallacy. While the use of the term contains many features with the modern, definitional conceptualizations, there are also some important differences. Among the most noticeable is the

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Armand A. Buzzelli and Jason A. Draper

their perceived benefits are to participation. Physical Activity and Aging Rowe and Kahn ( 1997 ) suggested that successful aging for older individuals included engagement in meaningful activities, avoiding disease, and maintaining physical and cognitive functions. Maintaining physically active

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Ariane Bélanger-Gravel, Marilie Laferté, Frédéric Therrien, François Lagarde and Lise Gauvin

Developing a physically active lifestyle during childhood is associated with positive health outcomes. 1 However, estimates from objectively assessed physical activity (PA) revealed that only 18% of Canadian boys and 9% of Canadian girls are sufficiently active. 2 Among adolescents, these

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Chia-Yuan Yu, Su-I Hou and Jonathan Miller

designed to build, strengthen, and maintain supportive relationships have been found to be effective in promoting physically active lifestyles; these include walking groups, buddy systems, and the like. 31 Non-Hispanic blacks living alone had a higher probability of being overweight or obese. Programs and