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Francisco Luis Pestaña-Melero, G. Gregory Haff, Francisco Javier Rojas, Alejandro Pérez-Castilla and Amador García-Ramos

, 10 – 12 The use of movement velocity to predict relative load is justified by the strong relationship that has been observed between mean velocity and %1RM in both upper and lower body exercises performed in a Smith machine. 10 , 13 However, the reliability of mean velocity to predict the 1RM could

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Tanya R. Berry, Wendy M. Rodgers, Alison Divine and Craig Hall

consistently less satisfied with exercise outcomes than they had thought they would be, and those who dropped out of an exercise program after 6 weeks had higher initial expectations ( Sears & Stanton, 2001 ). A positive relationship between motives and exercise gains has also been reported, which the authors

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Jane Jie Yu, Chia-Liang Tsai, Chien-Yu Pan, Ru Li and Cindy Hui-Ping Sit

Participation in regular physical activity (PA) is not only protective against chronic diseases (eg, obesity), but also closely related to brain and cognitive function. 1 , 2 Research on the relationship between PA and cognitive function in school-aged children has increased in recent years, 1

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Jonathan A. Jensen and T. Bettina Cornwell

sponsored organizations, the dynamics of sponsor–property relationships have been afforded scant attention. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to better understand factors and conditions that may jeopardize what could be a long-term, multiyear relationship, in a dynamic, integrated model of

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Yu Kyoum Kim and Galen Trail

Sport consumers are increasingly discontented and disconnected with sport organizations and researchers have advocated a fundamental shift in sport marketing from a traditional exchange paradigm to a relationship paradigm. Relationship quality is critical to understanding sport consumer-organization relationships because it can: (a) render a platform to organize wide-ranging relational constructs; (b) provide insight into evaluating relationship-marketing effectiveness; and (c) diagnose and address problems in relationships. Therefore, we propose a conceptual framework of sport consumer-organization relationship quality that consists of three main components. First, we specify that relationship quality consists of five distinct but related relational constructs (trust, commitment, intimacy, self-connection, and reciprocity). Second, we suggest that relationship quality influences word of mouth, media consumption, licensed-product consumption, and attendance behaviors. Finally, we argue that psychographic factors such as relationship styles, relationship drive, and general interpersonal orientation are moderators, as well as demographic factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, region, and income.

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Vaimanino Rogers, Lisa M. Barnett and Natalie Lander

and relationships ( Harter, 1978 ). Successful attempts in an area sustains a person’s motivation, supports a positive perception, and increases their chances of subsequent participation. Adolescents with high physical self-perception are consistently found to have high self-esteem ( Harter, 2012

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Sophie Speariett and Ross Armstrong

been developed 26 , 27 which assesses a golfer’s flexibility, strength, and balance using 17 different tests in golf-specific postures to identify physical limitations which may influence swing performance. 27 Only one previous study has investigated the relationship between the GSFMS and performance

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Bruce W. Bailey, Landon S. Deru, William F. Christensen, Andrew J. Stevens, Stephen Tanner Ward, Matthew L. Starr, Ciera L. Bartholomew and Larry A. Tucker

affects next-day PA. 8 , 9 Of the studies that have evaluated the relationship between sleep and next-day PA, the majority of the studies have been carried out in controlled environments following a night of forced sleep restriction. 10 – 13 Although these studies provide valuable information, there are

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Emily Stadder and Michael L. Naraine

across various social media consisting of 18- to 25-year-old consumers, these platforms are ideal for companies trying to reach this target audience ( Spredfast, n.d. ). Social media allows companies to build relationships with their publics by being able to communicate and interact on these platforms

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Nicholas S. Washburn, K. Andrew R. Richards and Oleg A. Sinelnikov

various psychosocial variables, such as perceived mattering and role stress. Development of a Conceptual Model Based on SDT, Figure  1 illustrates a conceptual model for understanding the relationships between physical educators’ perceived mattering ( Richards, Gaudreault, & Woods, 2017 ), role stress