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J.D. DeFreese, Michael J. Baum, Julianne D. Schmidt, Benjamin M. Goerger, Nikki Barczak, Kevin M. Guskiewicz and Jason P. Mihalik

depression: the role of self-evaluation . Behav Res Ther . 2007 ; 45 ( 4 ): 737 – 747 . PubMed ID: 16905116 doi: 10.1016/j.brat.2006.06.008 16905116 23. Conley CS , Travers LV , Bryant FB . Promoting psychosocial adjustment and stress management in first-year college students: the benefits of

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Christianne M. Eason, Stephanie M. Singe and Kelsey Rynkiewicz

caregivers or men as breadwinners). 13 Guilt is an interpersonal or self-evaluative emotion originating from a personal feeling, either real or imagined, in which some norm or standard (e.g., societal, moral, ethical, etc.) has been violated. 14 Guilt stems from an individual’s belief that a specific

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James Stephenson, Colum Cronin and Amy E. Whitehead

their self-evaluation ( Pronin, 2008 ). Furthermore, these biases have been found in a plethora of domains including medical trainees ( Gordan, 1991 ), college students ( Lew, Alwis, & Schmidt, 2010 ), and athletes ( Felson, 1981 ). Biases may arise because people do not know how to access the

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A.P. (Karin) de Bruin and Raôul R.D. Oudejans

, for example, that of sports attire, an issue that was of great impact to all athletes, except the judokas. The tight and revealing sports clothing in cycling, rowing, athletics, gymnastics, and dance heightened the athletes’ body awareness, deepened their negative self-evaluations, and affected

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Athanasios Kolovelonis and Marios Goudas

-regulation provided they are accurate ( Chen & Rossi, 2013 ). For example, students who are accurately aware of their performance are more likely to engage in successful goal setting and to project accurate self-evaluations and self-reflections, which, in turn, result in adaptations of strategies and maintenance of

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Caterina Pesce, Ilaria Masci, Rosalba Marchetti, Giuseppe Vannozzi and Mirko Schmidt

% for locomotor and object control skills, respectively). This is probably due to the low accuracy of self-perceptions when cognitive capabilities necessary to make a realistic domain-specific self-evaluation are still immature ( Harter, 2005 , 2006 ). According to a person-centered approach to the

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Elmer A. Castillo and Graig M. Chow

involve a comparison of dancers’ self-evaluations against those of a significant other (e.g., teacher, coach, peer), where a close correspondence between the two parties’ ratings across the profile attributes reinforces self-perceptions of current ability and major discrepancies warrant discussion to

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Garrett Bunyak

biological citizen must engage in a constant work of self-evaluation and the modulation of conduct, diet, lifestyle, and drug regime, in response to the changing requirements of the susceptible body. (p. 154) For the “agility citizen,” health and lifestyle dictates are derived from contemporary human desires

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Nicole D. Bolter, Lindsay Kipp and Tyler Johnson

Education and Coaching Education Programs Results from the present study suggest areas for improvement in teaching sportsmanship in both physical education and youth sport contexts. First, it is important for coaches and physical education teachers to produce accurate self-evaluations of their behavior. For

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Aubrey Newland, Rich Gitelson and W. Eric Legg

Processes, 50, 248 – 287 . doi: 10.1016/0749-5978(91)90022-L Bandura , A. ( 2001 ). Social cognitive theory: An agentic perspective . Annual Review of Psychology, 52, 1 – 26 . PubMed ID: 11148297 doi: 10.1146/annurev.psych.52.1.1 Bandura , A. , & Cervone , D. ( 1983 ). Self-evaluative and