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Jacob D. Meyer, Mary S. Hayney, Christopher L. Coe, Cameron L. Ninos and Bruce P. Barrett

practicing, an effect that may have been partially inflated by the tendency of people to positively bias self-reported health behaviors ( Brenner & DeLamater, 2014 ; Taber et al., 2009 ). Nevertheless, the daily logs and weekly self-report methods used in this study did capture day-to-day meditative and

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Devajyoti Deka

negatively affect people’s health and well-being. Coe and Zamarro ( 2011 ), Gorry, Gorry, and Slavov ( 2015 ), and Coe and Zamarro ( 2015 ) found that retirement is positively associated with self-reported health and negatively associated with the probability of being in poor health. Similarly, Jokela et

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Carla Elane Silva dos Santos, Sofia Wolker Manta, Guilherme Pereira Maximiano, Susana Cararo Confortin, Tânia Rosane Bertoldo Benedetti, Eleonora d’Orsi and Cassiano Ricardo Rech

activity and self-reported health in a population of older adults (65–85 years): a cross-sectional study . BMC Public Health . 2014 ; 14 : 284 . PubMed ID: 24673834 doi:10.1186/1471-2458-14-284 10.1186/1471-2458-14-284 55. Foong YC , Aitken D , Winzenberg T , Otahal P , Scott D , Jones G

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Christina E. Miyawaki, Rebecca L. Mauldin and Carolyn R. Carman

school diploma 20   2-Year college 5   College degree 10   Graduate degree 7  Self-reported health status   Poor 2   Fair 8   Good 18   Very good 10   Excellent 4  Survey items (yes responses)   Knowledge of falls and exercise    Have fallen to the ground 24    Exercise is good for our health 42

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Koren L. Fisher, Bruce A. Reeder, Elizabeth L. Harrison, Brenda G. Bruner, Nigel L. Ashworth, Punam Pahwa, Nazmi Sari, M. Suzanne Sheppard, Christopher A. Shields and Karen E. Chad

functioning; the secondary outcomes were body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, and self-reported health status. We hypothesized that the HB program would demonstrate superior maintenance of improvements compared with the CB program, based on the previously published findings from a systematic review

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Matthieu Dagenais, Nancy M. Salbach, Dina Brooks and Kelly K. O’Brien

health conditions  Joint pain 16 (47)  Muscle pain 11 (32)  Bone and joint disorders 10 (29)  Diabetes 5 (15)  Peripheral neuropathy 5 (15)  Osteopenia or osteoporosis 5 (15)  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 3 (9) Self-reported health status (n = 33 participants)  Good 15 (45)  Very good 12 (36

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Dawn C. Mackey, Alexander D. Perkins, Kaitlin Hong Tai, Joanie Sims-Gould and Heather A. McKay

the full range of physical activity intensities ( Lee & Shiroma, 2014 ). Light-intensity physical activity was positively associated with self-reported health and well-being ( Buman et al., 2010 ), and many older adults engage only in LPA; thus, it seems prudent for future research to report the full

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Pamela Wicker, Sören Dallmeyer and Christoph Breuer

( Relationship ), and migration background ( Migrant ). A person has a migration background when he/she and/or at least one parent has a non-German nationality. Self-reported health was assessed with the following question: “How would you describe your current health status?” The answers are based on a 5-point

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Noemi Moreno-Segura, Celedonia Igual-Camacho, Yéntel Ballester-Gil, María Clara Blasco-Igual and Jose María Blasco

.2008.052498 10.1136/bjsm.2008.052498 Gabizon , H. , Press , Y. , Volkov , I. , & Melzer , I. ( 2016 ). The effects of Pilates training on balance control and self-reported health status in community-dwelling older adults: A randomized controlled trial . Journal of Aging and Physical Activity

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Patrick Abi Nader, Lina Majed, Susan Sayegh, Lama Mattar, Ruba Hadla, Marie Claire Chamieh, Carla Habib Mourad, Elie-Jacques Fares, Zeina Hawa and Mathieu Bélanger

populations of south Lebanon: a cross-sectional community-based study of self-reported health in 2000 2007 n = 524 South Lebanon residents aged ≥14 y 11. Salameh et al Obesity prevalence and associated behavior in Lebanese children: a pilot study on 1268 students 2009 A convenient sample of 15 schools was