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Jamie Taylor and Dave Collins

Like I said, he just wouldn’t get focused on his areas for development. APs [individual action plans] just didn’t work with him.” 5 Lacking social skills (16) Narcissism “What a cocky bugger! Like a bloody peacock . . . always preening himself.” 3 Not ‘fitting in’ with team mates “Never really part of

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Jeanette Gustat, Christopher E. Anderson and Sandy J. Slater

cluster-randomized trial to increase physical activity, play, and social skills . J Sch Health . 2017 ; 87 ( 10 ): 751 – 759 . PubMed ID: 28876473 doi:10.1111/josh.12550 10.1111/josh.12550 28876473 39. Parrish AM , Okely AD , Batterham M , Cliff D , Magee C . PACE: a group randomised

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Rob J. Rotunda and Stuart Ryan

Education and prevention efforts in school and community settings have increasingly focused on areas such as health promotion, values clarification, substance abuse, youth violence and other types of aggression (e.g., bullying), and enhancement of self-esteem, cognitive functioning, and social

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Pooja S. Tandon, Tyler Sasser, Erin S. Gonzalez, Kathryn B. Whitlock, Dimitri A. Christakis and Mark A. Stein

recent years, this question asking about televisions is likely underestimating the prevalence of access to screen devices in bedrooms. Also concerning, screen time may displace PA, sports participation, and other healthy behaviors that are beneficial for the development of social skills and self

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Viviene A. Temple, Dawn L. Lefebvre, Stephanie C. Field, Jeff R. Crane, Beverly Smith and Patti-Jean Naylor

types of activities (Recreational, Physical, Social, Skill-Based, Self-Improvement) of children in more and less vulnerable schools, with age in months as a covariate. An analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to compare the gross motor quotients of children attending the more and less vulnerable schools

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Katrina M. Moss, Annette J. Dobson, Kimberley L. Edwards, Kylie D. Hesketh, Yung-Ting Chang and Gita D. Mishra

, 9 as the majority of children’s PA occurs during free time. 3 In particular, the type of equipment at home creates opportunities for play, targets different areas of motor development (eg, fine and gross motor), and develops social skills, such as turn taking. 3 Currently, evidence for the

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Chunxiao Li, Ngai Kiu Wong, Raymond K.W. Sum and Chung Wah Yu

( Eagly & Chaiken, 2007 ). Physical educators with positive teaching attitudes benefit students with ASD by helping them improve their motor and social skills development ( Park & Chitiyo, 2011 ; Taliaferro, Hammond, & Wyant, 2015 ). By contrast, PE teachers’ unfavorable attitudes toward students with

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David Pierce and James Johnson

, develop, and reward the six patterns of interest, competencies, and behaviors” (p. 58). For example, Realistic personalities enjoy working with machines because they perceive themselves as having mechanical and technical abilities, but lacking some social skills. They seek work environments that encourage

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Corliss Bean, Majidullah Shaikh and Tanya Forneris

—as relationships with coaches and peers, for example, can be associated with learning social skills. However, Holt et al. ( 2017 ) advocated for adopting an explicit life skills approach, enabling opportunities for youth to learn and practice life skills in an intentional manner. This supports previous and ongoing

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Calvin Nite and Marvin Washington

never truly recovered from this destabilization. Sport managers would be wise to develop strategies for reconciling differences in perceptions and work to maintain stability within their institutions. This likely entails refined social skill to induce cooperation within these institutions ( Fligstein