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Emily M. Newell

scholarship and professional-practice issues in sport communication. Focusing on both speech communication (e.g., interpersonal, organizational, and rhetorical applications of communication) and mass communication (e.g., media, journalism, new media, cultural studies), the chapters vary in subjects within the

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Paul M. Pedersen

This issue commences the second decade of the International Journal of Sport Communication ( IJSC ). The first 10 years of IJSC have significantly enhanced the body of knowledge in sport-focused areas of study with the publication of dozens of scholarly contributions (e.g., research articles

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Lauren Burch, Matthew Zimmerman and Beth Fielding Lloyd

than a year later, we were beginning to receive and sift through submissions for this special issue of the International Journal of Sport Communication ( IJSC ) on communication and soccer. The opportunity to serve as coeditors for this project was a welcome one for us, three individuals who have a

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Agnes Kovacs, Tamas Doczi and Dunja Antunovic

method. Digital media has changed sport communication practices in numerous ways. Social media changed the length of breaking news, because 1 hour later the same news is considered old ( Billings, Butterworth, & Turman, 2015 ). Why is innovation in communication important for the stakeholders of elite

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Christos Anagnostopoulos

area from the academic community ( Abeza et al., 2013 ). Indeed, the International Journal of Sport Communication has been one of the key platforms for accommodating such a scholarly activity, which spans settings such as international sport federations (e.g.,  Winand et al., 2019 ), national sport

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Ryan Rodenberg

MLB executives after he was ousted from the league’s reconstituted department of investigations. Dominguez also discloses his cancer diagnosis and the ensuing struggle that taxed both his body and his family. With corruption issues a near-permanent fixture in the sport communication discourse

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Daniel Maderer, Petros Parganas and Christos Anagnostopoulos

Sport Communication, 6 ( 2 ), 120 – 142 . doi:10.1123/ijsc.6.2.120 10.1123/ijsc.6.2.120 Abeza , G. , O’Reilly , N. , & Seguin , B. ( 2017 ). Social media in relationship marketing. The perspective of professional sport managers in the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL . Communication & Sport . Advance

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Fabian Kautz, Michael Schaffrath and Alex C. Gang

.1177/2167479515588760 10.1177/2167479515588760 Blaszka , M. , Burch , L. , Frederick , E.L. , Clavio , G. , & Walsh , P. ( 2012 ). #WorldSeries: An empirical examination of Twitter hashtag use during a major sporting event . International Journal of Sport Communication, 5, 435 – 453 . doi:10.1123/ijsc.5

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Jimmy Sanderson, Sarah Stokowski and Elizabeth Taylor

media members report a story ( Seltzer & Mitrook, 2009 ). Media framing has an established history in the sport communication and sport media literature ( Angelini, Billings, MacArthur, Bisell, & Reichart Smith, 2014 ; Billings, Moscowitz, Rae, & Brown-Devlin, 2015 ; Bishop, 2005 ; Laucella, 2009

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Glynn M. McGehee, Beth A. Cianfrone and Timothy Kellison

own content. This fact has implications for scholars and sport communication practitioners in understanding the interconnectedness of different perspectives in shaping the discourse surrounding a major announcement. Findings from this study also have theoretical implications. From a media framing