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Marzie Balali, Shahab Parvinpour and Mohsen Shafizadeh

coordinated manner ( Newell, 1986 ). The emergence of new movement patterns, or the refinement of existing movement patterns, is self-organized and occurs through interactions of organismic, environment, and task constraints ( Colombo-Dougovito, 2017 ). The coordination of a multitude of DoFs and the

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Jade A.Z. Haycraft, Stephanie Kovalchik, David B. Pyne and Sam Robertson

for player selection into AFL talent pathways, may be important for selection into national junior teams. The task constraints of fitness tests (ie, aerobic, jumps, speed, agility, movement ability) in players within the National U16, National U18, and Local U12 levels have a greater relationship with

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Mark L. Latash

groups ( synergies or modes in different studies, Krishnamoorthy, Goodman, Latash, & Zatsiorsky, 2003 ; Ting & Macpherson, 2005 ) is still larger than the typical number of task constraints so that the problem of motor redundancy is not solved. It is also good to remind that the problem of motor

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Arturo Forner-Cordero, Virgínia H. Quadrado, Sitsofe A. Tsagbey and Bouwien C.M. Smits-Engelsman

The ability to adapt an already acquired motor skill to different task constraints is important to maintain adequate performance in a continuously changing environment ( Haith & Krakauer, 2014 ). In skill acquisition, the goal is to decrease spatial and/or time errors through modifying muscle

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Jane E. Clark, Farid Bardid, Nancy Getchell, Leah E. Robinson, Nadja Schott and Jill Whitall

perspective, later studies (e.g.,  Butterworth, Verweij, & Hopkins, 1997 ; Hohlstein, 1982 ; Newell, Scully, McDonald, & Baillargeon, 1989 ) revealed the effects of object size and shape on the type of grasping, indicating the influence of environmental and task constraints on the development of prehensile

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Michael Ashford, Andrew Abraham and Jamie Poolton

. , Travassos , B. , Passos , P. , & Davids , K. ( 2012 ). Changes in practice task constraints shape decision-making behaviours of team games players . Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 15 ( 3 ), 244 – 249 . PubMed ID: 22153899 doi: 10.1016/j.jsams.2011.10.004 Davids , K. , Button , C

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Jonathan Leo Ng, Chris Button, Dave Collins, Susan Giblin and Gavin Kennedy

movements best suited to their individual difference to overcome the task constraints presented in Swiftness. The moderate omega coefficient values of Balance, Precision and Control ( ω; 0.54, 0.59 and 0.53 respectively) were anticipated as they were developed to measure combinations of movement attributes

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Bin Chen, Yichao Zhao, Xianxin Cao, Guojiong Hu, Lincoln B. Chen and Wenxin Niu

; 16 : 64 – 69 . doi:10.1177/036354658801600112 10.1177/036354658801600112 45. Duchateau J , Enoka RM . Neural control of shortening and lengthening contractions: influence of task constraints . J Physiol . 2008 ; 586 : 5853 – 5864 . PubMed ID: 18955381 doi:10.1113/jphysiol.2008.160747 18955381

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Aaron Manzanares, Ruperto Menayo and Francisco Segado

. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 25 , 266 – 281 . Dicks , M. , Button , C. , & Davids , K. ( 2010 ). Examination of gaze behaviors under in situ and video simulation task constraints reveals differences in information pickup for perception and action . Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics

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Roland van den Tillaar

that it was more difficult to hit the upper target compared with the lower target. Because of the task constraints that affect the shooting technique (small goal, the presence of a goalkeeper, etc.), the analysis of height is extremely important to establish relationships between velocity and accuracy