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Robson Dias Scoz, Cesar F. Amorim, Bruno O.A. Mazziotti, Rubens A. Da Silva, Edgar R. Vieira, Alexandre D. Lopes and Ronaldo E.C.D. Gabriel

data generated during subject’s performance such as torque, muscle work, and power can be extracted and analyzed for a better understanding of the muscle group capacity. The test is considered as a gold standard for muscle strength evaluation with high levels of reliability and reproducibility. 9 – 13

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Nico Hofman, Jac Orie, Marco J.M. Hoozemans, Carl Foster and Jos J. de Koning

Evaluation of anaerobic energy production is important to athletes involved in speed-endurance sports. The Wingate test is one of the most popular laboratory tests designed to evaluate anaerobic power. 1 This 30-second cycle ergometer test has been shown to be effective at distinguishing

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Marco Van Brussel, Bart C. Bongers, Erik H.J. Hulzebos, Marcella Burghard and Tim Takken

recuperation, often using cardiopulmonary exercise testing ( 39 ). Using this noninvasive and dynamic integrative approach, it is possible to uncover potential physiological causes of unexplained exercise-related complaints and symptoms and to observe specific pathophysiological patterns based on physiological

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Alaaddine El-Chab and Miriam E. Clegg

avoid vigorous exercise on the morning of the test, as it has been shown to raise whole-body glucose uptake and glucose area under the curve (GAUC; Rose et al., 2001 ). This will result in an increase in coefficient of variation (CV) between trials and possibly exceed the acceptable level of

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Simon A. Feros, Warren B. Young and Brendan J. O’Brien

Pace bowling is an integral and exciting component of the international game of cricket. Pace bowlers form the majority of the “bowling attack” against opposition batters. The International Cricket Council ranks and scores bowlers in each match format (ie, Twenty20, One-Day International, Test

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Jerónimo Aragón-Vela, Yaira Barranco-Ruiz, Cristina Casals-Vázquez, Julio Plaza-Díaz, Rafael A. Casuso, Luis Fontana and Jesús F. Rodríguez Huertas

and performance of athletes’ lower body is half squat ( McMaster, Gill, Cronin, & McGuigan, 2014 ), both male and female athletes carried out a maximum incremental strength test (MIST) in a half-squat apparatus with increasing intensities until they reached their one repetition maximum (1RM). We show

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Tatiane Piucco, Fernando Diefenthaeler, Rogério Soares, Juan M. Murias and Guillaume Y. Millet

A maximal incremental exercise test is a well-established method for determining key parameters of aerobic capacity in humans, such as gas exchange threshold (GET), respiratory compensation point (RCP), and maximal oxygen uptake ( V ˙ O 2 max ). Since indices of aerobic capacity such as V ˙ O 2

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Dawn T. Gulick

-demand sports have an increased risk of ACL injuries. Sports such as football, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, tennis, and skiing have been reported to elevate the risk of ACL injury. 2 Although clinicians use a variety of examination techniques to assess the ACL, 1 there are 3 widely accepted clinical tests

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Doris Bolt, René Giger, Stefan Wirth and Jaap Swanenburg

Ankle sprains demonstrate the highest incidence of all lower extremity injuries. 1 Recently, a lot of attention has been devoted to the dynamic postural stability and its influence on functional ankle instability. 2 Tests that challenge postural stability are required to identify deficits. 2

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David M. Werner and Joaquin A. Barrios

consensus definition exists, core stability has been described as having distinct testable components, including strength, endurance, flexibility, function, and motor control. Tests for functional stability under perturbation can directly challenge the motor control component of core stability (MCCS). 3 , 4