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Mark Lowes and Christopher Robillard

trend is the central concern of this scholarly commentary. Sport journalists have traditionally had the near-exclusive role of describing live events to spectators who were unable to attend. In historical context, the introduction of media technologies such as radio and television enabled spectators to

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Michael Sanders, Anton E. Bowden, Spencer Baker, Ryan Jensen, McKenzie Nichols and Matthew K. Seeley

for the involved leg that is often facilitated by an ambulatory aid (eg, traditional axillary crutches or knee scooter). 3 – 5 The chief purpose of these mobility aids is to facilitate mobility, while transferring body weight from the involved foot or ankle to other parts of the body (eg, the

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Kent Griffin

traditional curriculum in secondary physical education programs in many schools has been grounded in a team and/or individual sport perspective ( Solmon, 2018 ). Recently, however, the traditional curriculum has been questioned with regard to the impact on students’ health, psychosocial behaviors, academics

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Anne M. Merrem and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

with one’s perceived potential and capacity to do the job well. Research has indicated that prospective teachers who attend schools in which teachers provide low quality PE and prioritize traditional extracurricular competitive sport are likely to develop “coaching orientations” and see teaching PE as

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Alejandro Javaloyes, Jose Manuel Sarabia, Robert Patrick Lamberts and Manuel Moya-Ramon

, 20 and cross-country skiing, 21 this new training prescription strategy has not been used in road cycling yet. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the effect of an HRV-guided and a traditionally periodized training program on road cycling performance. Methods Subjects Seventeen

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Brian Catania, Travis Ross, Bradley Sandella, Bradley Bley and Andrea DiTrani Lobacz

rehabilitation process and injury prevention strategies. 9 , 10 , 42 – 44 However, it remains to be determined if a rotation-based exercise program founded on the principles of the slings, which incorporates both global and local muscles, would be more effective than traditional exercises in activating the

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Brendan Dwyer, Joris Drayer and Stephen L. Shapiro

Traditional, season-long fantasy sports (TFSs) have been around for nearly 60 years, and although gambling associations have existed since the beginning, there is ample evidence to suggest the activity does not meet the criteria for gambling (cf., Bernard & Eade, 2005 ; Boswell, 2008 ; Drayer

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Jue Hou, Xiaoxu Yang and Elliot Panek

to think of e-sport as somehow akin to traditional sports (e.g., basketball) is a matter of debate. E-sport and traditional sports have areas of overlap, making the label of “sport” plausible, at the very least. Generally speaking, scholars agree that both traditional sports and e-sport are self

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Kevin Hull and Miles Romney

-person updates from local athletes would be challenging ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020 ; Embree, 2020 ). The larger, national outlets could simply go into the archive. While local sports broadcasters do have archives, they traditionally rely almost exclusively on new games and events for

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Chad M. Killian and Amelia Mays Woods

information and tend to appreciate group and social learning ( McMahon & Pospisil, 2005 ). Their learning preferences are unique compared with students from other generations, as they have a clear desire for more active, experiential learning opportunities, which challenges the traditional lecture as the