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Richard J. Taylor, Dajo Sanders, Tony Myers, Grant Abt, Celia A. Taylor and Ibrahim Akubat

forwards and 5 backs) competing as the current champions of the Association of Colleges Midland Elite League agreed to participate in the study (mean [SD] age 18.4 [1.0] y, height 181.3 [5.9] cm, body mass 85.9 [13.0] kg, maximal oxygen uptake [VO 2 max] 56 [6.7] mL · kg −1  · min −1 ). The academy team is

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Ryan P. Durk, Esperanza Castillo, Leticia Márquez-Magaña, Gregory J. Grosicki, Nicole D. Bolter, C. Matthew Lee and James R. Bagley

the best of our knowledge, no study has examined if F/B is associated with cardiorespiratory fitness, as assessed by maximal oxygen consumption (VO 2 max), independent from dietary or anthropometric measures. The purpose of this exploratory study was to identify potential relationships among relative

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Bent R. Rønnestad and Joar Hansen

uptake (VO 2 max) during these years ranged from 65.0 to 76.5 mL · kg −1  · min −1 , peak aerobic power (W max ) ranged from 5.76 to 6.52 W/kg, and power output at 3 mmol/L blood lactate concentration (Power 3la -) ranged from 3.4 to 4.1 W/kg. Best test results were achieved 1 year prior to start of the

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Mário A.M. Simim, Marco Túlio de Mello, Bruno V.C. Silva, Dayane F. Rodrigues, João Paulo P. Rosa, Bruno Pena Couto and Andressa da Silva

3 ± 2 hr/week Two visits to laboratory (first = incremental test and VO 2 peak test; second = 20-min exercise tests—50% and 70% of VO 2peak ) TRA VO 2 %VO 2peak HR %HR peak [Lac] RPE HR monitors Lactate Pro handbike Borg scale 6–20 PPO Handbike Barfield et al. ( 2010 ) 9 WR SCI (C6–C7) 12 ± 7 9 ± 6

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Elin Ekblom-Bak, Örjan Ekblom, Gunnar Andersson, Peter Wallin and Björn Ekblom

, together with additional PA outside school hours, on adult PA level, maximal oxygen consumption (VO 2max ), and perceived and metabolic health later in life in a large sample of Swedish men and women of a broad age span. Methods From October 1982 to September 2015, 363,746 men and women, aged 19

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Milos Mallol, David J. Bentley, Lynda Norton, Kevin Norton, Gaizka Mejuto and Javier Yanci

capacity (maximal oxygen consumption [VO 2 max]) or endurance performance by building on work and recovery sets at or close to maximum intensities. 7 , 11 A number of researchers have concluded that HIIT shows a greater increase in VO 2 max when compared with continuous endurance training in running. 12

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Ulrika Andersson-Hall, Stefan Pettersson, Fredrik Edin, Anders Pedersen, Daniel Malmodin and Klavs Madsen

recruited. The subjects gave their written informed consent to participate in the present study. Test procedures were performed in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki 2008 and approved by the local ethics committee of Gothenburg University (Dnr 121-15). VO 2max on an ergometer bike was determined

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Ana B. Peinado, Nuria Romero-Parra, Miguel A. Rojo-Tirado, Rocío Cupeiro, Javier Butragueño, Eliane A. Castro, Francisco J. Calderón and Pedro J. Benito

have not been widely assessed in outdoor cycling conditions. Oxygen uptake (VO 2 ) has been measured in field-based trials using a portable system, 6 , 7 , 8 although investigated distances are shorter than in traditional road-cycling competitions. A recent study was the first to report the

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David Barranco-Gil, Lidia B. Alejo, Pedro L. Valenzuela, Jaime Gil-Cabrera, Almudena Montalvo-Pérez, Eduardo Talavera, Susana Moral-González, Vicente J. Clemente-Suárez and Alejandro Lucia

(eg, approximately 60%–70% of maximum oxygen uptake [VO 2 max]). 8 Indeed, continuous exercise of moderate intensity and lasting ∼10 to 15 minutes (13 min on average) has been reported as a common type of warm-up protocol among recreational endurance runners. 9 However, adding brief actions aiming

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Tania Pereira, John Durocher and Jamie Burr

horseback riders. 11 Similarly, analysis of motocross riding (a competitive form of off-road motorcycling held on a dirt track with obstacles and jumps) demonstrates that athletes work between 70% and 95% of VO 2 max for much of the event, 12 , 13 yet data examining more typical 2-wheel and 4-wheeled off