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Matti Hyvärinen, Sarianna Sipilä, Janne Kulmala, Harto Hakonen, Tuija H. Tammelin, Urho M. Kujala, Vuokko Kovanen and Eija K. Laakkonen

, Visintini, & Reed, 2019 ). Furthermore, higher LTPA is associated with decreased health risks ( Colpani et al., 2018 ) and especially with the moderate and vigorous physical activity that has been shown to improve the physical performance ( Nelson et al., 2004 ; Pahor et al., 2006 ), thus being associated

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Mynor Rodriguez-Hernandez, Jeffrey S. Martin, David D. Pascoe, Michael D. Roberts and Danielle W. Wadsworth

blood glucose measurement was performed and the participant was allowed to leave. Participants were asked to maintain their normal eating behavior during the intervention but refrain from alcohol consumption and vigorous physical activity for 48 hours before the subsequent visit and during the week of

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Cody D. Neshteruk, Deborah J. Jones, Asheley Skinner, Alice Ammerman, Deborah F. Tate and Dianne S. Ward

interview, participants completed a brief demographic survey and a physical activity self-report questionnaire (4 items). Two items assessed whether participants engaged in moderate and vigorous physical activity over the past week (yes/no). If participants indicated yes, they were asked to indicate the

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Jieling Chen, Emily Joy Nicklett, Yaping He and Vivian W.Q. Lou

.0000078924.61453.FB 10.1249/01.MSS.0000078924.61453.FB Drenowatz , C. , Prasad , V.K. , Hand , G.A. , Shook , R.P. , & Blair , S.N. ( 2016 ). Effects of moderate and vigorous physical activity on fitness and body composition . Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 39 ( 4 ), 624 – 632 . PubMed ID

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Kelly M. Cheever, Jane McDevitt and Jacqueline Phillips

role of the cervical spine in post-concussion syndrome . Phys Sportsmed . 2015 ; 43 ( 3 ): 274 – 284 . PubMed ID: 26138797 doi: 10.1080/00913847.2015.1064301 26138797 16. Lishchynsky JT , Putschmann TD , Toomey CM , et al . The association between moderate and vigorous physical activity

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Xihe Zhu and Justin A. Haegele

,296–4,011 CPM), and vigorous physical activity (4,012+ CPM). For adults, validated and published cut points by Sasaki, John, and Freedson ( 2011 ) were utilized, which included (a) light physical activity (0–2,689 CPM), (b) moderate physical activity (2,689–6,166 CPM), and (c) vigorous physical activity (6

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Taniya S. Nagpal, Catherine Everest, Sara C.S. Souza, Danilo F. da Silva, Shuhiba Mohammad, Jayonta Bhattacharjee and Kristi B. Adamo

-derived measures of physical activity . Health Rep . 2010 ; 21 ( 1 ): 63 – 69 . PubMed ID: 20426228 20426228 17. Colley RC , Tremblay MS . Moderate and vigorous physical activity intensity cut-points for the Actical accelerometer . J Sports Sci . 2011 ; 29 ( 8 ): 783 – 789 . PubMed ID: 21424979 doi:10

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David A. Ferrer and Rebecca Ellis

, moderate, and vigorous physical activities. Kernot et al 24 targeted steps per day (ie, 10,000 steps per day) and used pedometers to record daily step counts. However, they also included the Active Australia Survey to assess the frequency and duration of walking and moderate and vigorous physical

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Aurora de Fátima G.C. Mafra Cabral, Marcelo Medeiros Pinheiro, Charlles H.M. Castro, Marco Túlio De Mello, Sérgio Tufik and Vera Lúcia Szejnfeld

place as well as during free time. The questionnaire analyzes activities divided into walking and moderate and vigorous physical activity. Another measure of volume of activity can be computed by weighting each type of activity by its energy requirements defined in METS (METs = multiples of the resting

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Morgan N. Clennin and Russell R. Pate

neighborhood SED index score was expressed categorically for all analyses: low (≤30th percentile), moderate (31st to 70th percentile), high (>70th percentile). Physical Activity Physical activity was self-reported via a questionnaire designed to assess time spent in moderate and vigorous physical activity