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Montserrat Martin, Nancy Spencer and Toni Bruce

). In a statement that supports our analytic intention, Picart ( 2008 ) then proposes that we need to track “these apparent binaries not as inevitabilities but as imaginative possibilities and strategic, political narratives” (p. 197). Having outlined some of the gender complexities, which include

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Sarah Oxford and Fiona McLachlan

gender equality. The current SDP paradigm includes the “girling of SDP”, whereby there is an increased presence of female participants, specific SGD agenda’s targeting how girls’ lives can be improved and more research addressing the complexities of gender relations within sport and SDP as a global

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Catherine Phipps

targeted for the case studies, creating difficulty in gauging potential differences related to location and type of institution. Future research may therefore be needed with a larger sample size. Further data may also be needed to understand the complexities and difficulties officers encounter when

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Adam J. White, Stefan Robinson, Eric Anderson, Rachael Bullingham, Allyson Pollock and Ryan Scoats

political sciences, particularly during the later decades of the 20th century ( Phelan, 2011 ), led to a more integrated methodological approach of policy analysis, too ( George & Bennett, 2005 ). Policy related case studies permit us to better understand the complexities of institutions, practices

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Justine B. Allen and Colleen Reid

response to the coach’s developing competence ( Van de Pol et al., 2010 ). Scaffolding has been used by coaching researchers as a means to understand and explain the provision of structure to the complexity of coaching practice; to guide without prescribing ( Cooper & Allen, 2018 ; Jones & Thomas, 2015

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Siegfried Nagel, Karsten Elmose-Østerlund, Jenny Adler Zwahlen and Torsten Schlesinger

. A multidimensional measurement concept that corresponds with the complexity of social integration appears to be necessary ( Adler Zwahlen, Nagel, & Schlesinger, 2018 ). (b) The fact that social integration processes in VSCs can be determined by certain factors, such as sociodemographic or membership

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Emma Seal and Emma Sherry

an overview of the sociocultural context in PNG and wider factors shaping program implementation/development. Next, we outline our research approach and present some initial thematic findings from our pilot qualitative inquiry. Finally, we consider the complexities of girl-focused SFD initiatives and

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Holly Thorpe, Lyndsay Hayhurst and Megan Chawansky

( Hayhurst, 2011 , 2013 , 2014 ). Such developments are far from unproblematic. As McDonald ( 2015 ) argues, too many of these programs assume a “taken-for-granted liberatory character” focusing on “sport’s allegedly progressive role in supporting gender equality” without considering the complexities of

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Holly Thorpe, Julie Brice and Anna Rolleston

struggled to know how best to make meaning of these cultural complexities, and whether there was an approach that would be genuine, sensitive, and appropriate in the context of Aotearoa. Based on extensive critiques of research/ers involvement in processes of colonization ( Smith, 1999/2012 ), studying the

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Alexander J. Bedard, Kevin A. Bigelman, Lynn R. Fielitz, Jeffrey D. Coelho, William B. Kobbe, Renard O. Barone, Nicholas H. Gist and John E. Palmer

complexity of the movements by reducing the segments. This continues until boxers are executing complete movements while facing mirrors which line the boxing facilities. During this phase of instruction, students are progressing through the stage of learning most commonly described as the motor stage or the