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Jun Woo Kim, Marshall Magnusen and Hyun-Woo Lee

, p. 439). Therefore, considering the combination of theoretical and research support, it is reasonable to suggest that relieving losses and disappointing wins (i.e., conflicting outcomes) could elicit greater mixed emotions amongst sport consumers than straight win or loss outcomes. Therefore, the

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Kayla E. Boehm, Blaine C. Long, Mitchell T. Millar and Kevin C. Miller

conflicting results, it is possible that, separate from any physiological changes, KTT may provide patients with a psychological benefit. In addition, it is also possible that the observance or endorsement of KTT worn by professional athletes may influence the clinical application of the tape. We are unaware

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Cassidy Preston and Jessica Fraser-Thomas

Personal development and performance success (e.g., winning) have been identified as two primary objectives of elite youth sport ( Côté & Gilbert, 2009 ), but there has been growing attention recently to the question of whether these key goals may sometimes be in conflict (i.e., Fraser

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Emily J. Sleeman and Noora J. Ronkainen

professionalization impacts the coaches and how their shifting organizational context (club expectations of the individual) and coaches’ values and beliefs complement or conflict with one another. The reconstructed female footballers’ pathway involving a prospective professional athletic status is, moreover, likely

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Kyle R. King

conflict) why the Laver Cup, an event he has spearheaded and promoted relentlessly as men’s tennis’s equivalent to golf’s Ryder Cup, would be postponed until 2021. Most importantly, however, Federer posted several tweets conveying a desire for the ATP and WTA tours to unify. The language of Federer

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Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst, Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom and Emma Arksey

? What happens when conflicting international and local norms—as Cloward writes ( 2015 , p. 3)—“collide,” and at what point does transnational activism lead individuals and communities to reject local norms and take up international ones? In this paper, we use these questions as departure points to

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Shushu Chen and Laura Misener

human resources to support the leveraging efforts based around a strong sporting culture. However, with different sectors involved, there were challenges in working with the Steering Group due to conflicts of interests. This was underscored by a changing political climate that left the region with much

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Ran Zheng, Ilana D. Naiman, Jessica Skultety, Steven R. Passmore, Jim Lyons and Cheryl M. Glazebrook

Foundation for Innovation for funding this work. The authors would also like to thank Kelsey Brown for her assistance with data collection as well as all of the participants and their families for their willingness to participate and their helpful comments. The authors declare that they have no conflict of

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Mary Lynn Manduca and Stephen J. Straub

pain, increase ultrasonography regenerative indications, and decrease recovery time. 1 Two studies showed no difference between groups. 9 – 11 Clinical Bottom Line While no adverse effects have been reported, the current literature demonstrates conflicting evidence regarding the benefits of including

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Maureen R. Weiss, Lindsay E. Kipp, Alison Phillips Reichter and Nicole D. Bolter

outcomes ( 49 ). Weiss et al ( 45 , 46 , 49 ) found strong evidence of program effectiveness in teaching life skills (eg, emotion management, conflict resolution) and enhancing psychosocial outcomes (eg, confidence, social responsibility) using a longitudinal design, comparison group, measures aligned with