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Bradley Donohue, Marina Galante, Julia Maietta, Bern Lee, Nina Paul, Joanne E. Perry, Arianna Corey and Daniel N. Allen

correlations among the predictor and criterion variables and descriptive statistics for the SIC across gender, respectively. Table 3 Correlations Among Predictor and Criterion Variables Scale GSI PSTS PSCS DSPS GSI 1.00 .39 .39 −.02 PSTS 1.00 .85 −.07 PSCS 1.00 −.03 DSPS 1.00 Note . PSTS = Problems in Sport

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Marcus Börjesson, Carolina Lundqvist, Henrik Gustafsson and Paul Davis

a correlation between muscle tension in extensor digitorum and flexor digitorum and the efficiency of an individual’s performance ( Janson, Archer, & Norlander, 2003 ). Extensor digitorum was chosen because it is the antagonist muscle to flexor digitorum ( Janson et al., 2003 ). Blood pressure and

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Gavin Breslin, Stephen Shannon, Kyle Ferguson, Shauna Devlin, Tandy Haughey and Garry Prentice

effect more specifically, Pearson’s r correlations split per gender, showed a noticeably stronger link between greater mental health knowledge and greater intentions to mix with individuals with mental health conditions for females ( r (209) = .40, p  < .001) compared to the males ( r (201) = .20, p

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Melissa G. Hunt, James Rushton, Elyse Shenberger and Sarah Murayama

.H. , Whykretowicz , A. , & Wysocki , H. ( 2007 ). Correlations between the Poincaré plot and conventional heart rate variability parameters assessed during paced breathing . The Journal of Physiological Sciences, 57 ( 1 ), 63 – 71 . PubMed doi:10.2170/physiolsci.RP005506 10.2170/physiolsci.RP005506

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Sara L. Giovannetti, Jessica R.G. Robertson, Heather L. Colquhoun and Cindy K. Malachowski

population. References Bayram , N. , & Bilgel , N. ( 2008 ). The prevalence and socio-demographic correlations of depression, anxiety and stress among a group of university students . Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 43 ( 8 ), 667 – 672 . doi:10.1007/s00127-008-0345-x 10.1007/s00127

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Richard E. Tahtinen and Hafrun Kristjansdottir

characteristics related to depression, such as decreased levels of interest and energy, and increased hopelessness, may explain the negative correlation between depression and help-seeking ( Nam et al., 2013 ), it does not explain why depression symptoms influenced female athletes intentions significantly more

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Jeannine Ohlert, Thea Rau and Marc Allroggen

/she will exclude the person from the team), this feeling of helplessness will impair the person’s sense of effectiveness over time and can also lead to depressive symptoms as a consequence ( Finkelhor & Browne, 1985 ). Research on the correlation between sexual violence and depression indicates that, in

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Susanna Kola-Palmer, Samantha Buckley, Gabrielle Kingston, Jonathan Stephen, Alison Rodriguez, Nicole Sherretts and Kiara Lewis

separately analysed to ensure independence of observations. Bivariate correlation analyses were conducted to assess the variables which were correlated with the MHI-5 scores, and the statistically significant variables were subsequently entered into multiple regression analyses. Only participant responses

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Brad Donohue, Yulia Gavrilova, Marina Galante, Elena Gavrilova, Travis Loughran, Jesse Scott, Graig Chow, Christopher P. Plant and Daniel N. Allen

: Psychometric properties and correlations with service utilization and psychotherapy outcome . Evaluation and Program Planning, 5 , 233 – 237 . doi:10.1016/0149-7189(82)90074-X 10.1016/0149-7189(82)90074-X Azrin , N.H. , Donohue , B. , Teichner , G. , Crum , T. , Howell , J. , & DeCato , L