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Andrew Hooyman, Alexander Garbin and Beth Fisher

of incorrectly inferring changes in connectivity that may be a result of noise. We discuss this statistical procedure in detail within the Data Processing and Analysis section. Informed Consent and Safety Screening After informed consent is obtained from prospective participants, a TMS safety screen

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Edgard Melo Keene von Koenig Soares, Guilherme E. Molina, Daniel Saint Martin, João Luís A. E. Sadat P. Leitão, Keila E. Fontana, Luiz F. Junqueira Jr., Timóteo Leandro de Araújo, Sandra Mahecha Matsudo, Victor K. Matsudo and Luiz Guilherme Grossi Porto

PA surveillance purposes, data collected through accelerometers are mostly only available for high-income countries, and results are often not comparable because of variations in data collection methods, data processing, and scoring. 4 , 11 Also, worldwide data from questionnaires are available from

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Kosuke Tamura, Jeffrey S. Wilson, Robin C. Puett, David B. Klenosky, William A. Harper and Philip J. Troped

device when they were outside, irrespective of whether they were physically active or engaged in sedentary forms of travel, such as driving a car or taking a bus. GPS data were collected at 5-second intervals. Data Processing The data processing procedures were described previously. 28 GeoStats software

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Heidi R. Thornton, Jace A. Delaney, Grant M. Duthie and Ben J. Dascombe

, absolute thresholds permit comparisons between sports and/or competitions 16 ; however, variations in GPS manufacturers, sampling frequencies, and data processing methods influence such comparisons. 16 , 17 Altogether, practitioners should consider which method is most appropriate to evaluate data that

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Orland Hoeber, Ryan Snelgrove, Larena Hoeber and Laura Wood

visualization, integrating data processing, machine learning, and human–computer interaction methods with the goal of enabling data exploration, analytic reasoning, hypothesis development and testing, information synthesis, and decision-making ( Keim et al., 2008 ; Thomas & Cook, 2006 ). The goal is to take

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Masafumi Terada, Megan Beard, Sara Carey, Kate Pfile, Brian Pietrosimone, Elizabeth Rullestad, Heather Whitaker and Phillip Gribble

the stance limb; (c) hopped or took a step with the stance limb; (d) removed their hands from their hips; (e) lifted their forefoot or heel; and/or (f) opened their eyes. The number of failed trials were recoded and compared between groups. Data Processing and Analysis Using Motion-Monitor software

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Ben Serrien, Maggy Goossens and Jean-Pierre Baeyens

Ethics Commission of the University Hospital Brussels. Measurements and Data Processing The measurements were performed on a volleyball field in the sports hall where the participants had their normal training. The net was set at the participants’ competition official net heights (2.24 m/2.10 m and 2

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Craig Donnachie, Kate Hunt, Nanette Mutrie, Jason M.R. Gill and Paul Kelly

(PALtechnologies v5.9.1.1). Microsoft Office Excel was used for subsequent data processing and management. Custom software (HSC analysis software v2.19, Philippa Dall and Malcolm Granat, Glasgow Caledonian University) was used to extract information on individual participants’ PA intensity using the activ PAL3

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Adam M. Hyde, Robert G. McMurray, Frank A. Chavoya and Daniela A. Rubin

for laboratory conditions for any of the groups in terms of temperature (25 ± 1°C; P  = .33) and relative humidity (33 ± 9%; P  = .75). Data Processing and Analyses Metabolic and ventilatory values obtained from the metabolic system were averaged for the last 2 minutes of each trial for each

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Stacy N. Scott, Cary M. Springer, Jennifer F. Oody, Michael S. McClanahan, Brittany D. Wiseman, Tyler J. Kybartas and Dawn P. Coe

Exercise Testing in Children and Adolescents . Wellesley, MA : UpToDate in Pediatrics ; 2017 . . Accessed May 23, 2017. 20. Robergs RA , Dwyer D , Astorino T . Recommendations for improved data