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Paweł Zembura, Agata Korcz, Elżbieta Cieśla, Aleksandra Gołdys and Hanna Nałȩcz

to their participation in PA materially (by providing resources), 64.5% consider themselves enabled to participate in PA, 41.4% get emotional support, 17.3% receive support in planning activities 10 15.1% of mothers and 24% of fathers regularly participate in sport or are physically active at least

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Thomas Rowland

children aged 9–12 years and their fathers during 1 night in Zurich, Switzerland (altitude 490 m) and 2 nights at a mountain research station at 3450 m following ascent by train in less than 3 hours. In the children, average nocturnal oxygen saturation fell from 98% to 85%, and mean end-tidal CO 2

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Andrew F. Clark, Joannah Campbell, Patricia Tucker, Piotr Wilk and Jason A. Gilliland

(%) 735 (85.0)   Mother’s education status, n (%)    High school diploma or less 136 (15.7)    College/university or more 640 (74.0)   Father’s education status, n (%)    High school diploma or less 186 (21.5)    College/university or more 557 (64.4)   Mother’s occupation status, n (%)    Employed 649 (63

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Emily Sparvero, Randall Griffiths and Jacob Tingle

over the place on this one. I think the company needs some help before they run out of time.” Background Zane Lumpkin grew up as a fan of the San Antonio Spurs. His father was a blue-collar worker who always commented about what it would be like to sit in the skyboxes. “Those are the real high

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Daniela Rodrigues, Cristina Padez and Aristides M. Machado-Rodrigues

participation in an extracurricular sport during the past 2 months (ie, yes or no). Interpersonal variables were father’s education (lower than university degree or holding a university degree) and household income (less than €1000 per month or greater than €1000 per month). Both variables were classified as

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Bobbi-Jo Atchison and Donna L. Goodwin

obtained, and participant-signed consent forms were completed prior to initiating the study. The participants were seven mothers and one father (all mixed gender families) between 43 and 59 years of age, with a mean age of 52 years. The presence of only one father is consistent with previous research, as

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Anthony D. Pizzo

provides timely and relevant examples of how sport leaders have responded to these trends in practice. For instance, in Chapter 11, “Changing Technologies, Changing Consumption,” real-world contributors father and son Ted and Zach Leonsis (CEO and senior vice president of strategic initiatives

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Ermis Kyriakides, Niki Tsangaridou, Charalambos Y. Charalambous and Leonidas Kyriakides

.05) 0.04 (0.04) Student level  Context   Initial performance 0.77 (0.02) 0.78 (0.02) 0.75 (0.02) 0.76 (0.02) 0.75 (0.02)   Gender (girls = 0 and boys = 1) 0.14 (0.03) 0.14 (0.03) 0.13 (0.03) 0.13 (0.03) 0.13 (0.03)   Father’s job social status (working class = 0 and middle class = 1) 0.07 (0.03) 0.06 (0

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Erin Strutz, Raymond Browning, Stephanie Smith, Barbara Lohse and Leslie Cunningham-Sabo

) were then explored. Bivariate and partial correlations were then run for same-sex dyads versus dyads who were not the same sex, dyads in which the father wore the ACC versus dyads in which the mother wore the ACC, and dyads in which the child was classified as normal weight versus dyads in which the

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Phillip Chipman and Kevin B. Wamsley

Quebec. Adrien Gagnon was born March 4th, 1924 in St-Louis de Kamouraska, a small rural village on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River. Prior to his arrival in the city of Montreal, Gagnon aided his father on the family plot where he no doubt developed an unrelenting work ethic and, according to