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Margaret P. Sanders and Nicholas P. Murray

punch” (palm heel strike) and finish with a “leopard claw” (finger strike to the eyes). The explicit group was told specifically what was going to be tested, and the sequence of techniques for each combo. An outside tester, a martial arts expert that had a knowledge of the self-defense skills being

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Annette J. Raynor, Fiona Iredale, Robert Crowther, Jane White and Julie Dare

flexibility with the participant required to reach behind their head with one hand (upper hand) and simultaneously behind their back with the other hand (lower hand). The score recorded was the distance between the fingers behind the back. Due to restricted shoulder range of motion in this population, for

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Margina Ruiter, Charly Eielts, Sofie Loyens and Fred Paas

left or right index finger, respectively. Prior to testing, children performed 2 practice trials to familiarize themselves with the task. When children made 2 consecutive errors during these practice trials, the experimenter intervened and repeated the explanation of the task before proceeding

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Nicolas Robin, Lucette Toussaint, Eric Joblet, Emmanuel Roublot and Guillaume R. Coudevylle

. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2016.00514 Ehrsson , H.H. , Geyer , S. , & Naito , E. ( 2003 ). Imagery of voluntary movement of fingers, toes, and tongue activates corresponding body-part specific motor representations . Journal of Neurophysiology, 90, 3304 – 3316 . PubMed ID: 14615433 doi: 10

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Samuel W. Logan, Christina M. Hospodar, Kathleen R. Bogart, Michele A. Catena, Heather A. Feldner, Jenna Fitzgerald, Sarah Schaffer, Bethany Sloane, Benjamin Phelps, Joshua Phelps and William D. Smart

relatively simple and low-cost. There are two main forms of modifications. The first is activation switch : Unmodified, a child uses their foot to press a pedal or their finger to press a small switch located on the steering wheel to activate the ride-on car. These methods of switch activation can be

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Colin J. Lewis, Simon J. Roberts, Hazel Andrews and Rebecca Sawiuk

heavily, feral—out of control. His watch caught my pubic hair. He placed his fingers inside me, he was beginning to hurt me . . . I asked him to stop. I wanted him to stop. Terrified, I begged for him to stop. He refused. in the end I had no choice, and I gave in to the inevitable. The next thing I

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Liezel Hurter, Anna M. Cooper-Ryan, Zoe R. Knowles, Lorna A. Porcellato, Stuart J. Fairclough and Lynne M. Boddy

picture” tool asked children the question: “Can you draw a picture of any activity you did while sitting or lying down today?” Children used their fingers to draw on the screen, and could choose between different brush sizes and colors. Once saved, they were given the opportunity to write or talk (record

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George B. Cunningham, Na Young Ahn, Arden J. Anderson and Marlene A. Dixon

occupational turnover. Women, relative to men, are younger, have been in coaching for fewer years, but also express less desire to pursue head coaching opportunities. One could draw from these findings to point the finger at women, blaming them for their underrepresented status. But, such conclusions ignore

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Frances A. Kanach, Amy M. Pastva, Katherine S. Hall, Juliessa M. Pavon and Miriam C. Morey

.1080/13803391003662702 Anpalahan , M. , & Gibson , S.J. ( 2008 ). Geriatric syndromes as predictors of adverse outcomes of hospitalization . Internal Medicine Journal, 38 ( 1 ), 16 – 23 . Bachmann , S. , Finger , C. , Huss , A. , Egger , M. , Stuck , A.E. , & Clough-Gorr , K.M. ( 2010 ). Inpatient

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Cassidy Preston and Jessica Fraser-Thomas

bickering with each other and expressing their frustrations by criticizing each other rather than taking responsibility for their own actions. After the game I took responsibility, apologized for my actions, and explained to the team how I had lost perspective during the game, leading to uncalled-for finger