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Cédric Leduc, Jason Tee, Mathieu Lacome, Jonathon Weakley, Jeremy Cheradame, Carlos Ramirez and Ben Jones

testing session consisted of 5 minutes standardized warm-up including mobility, squats, lunges, and hopping. Following this, leg stiffness was measured via a submaximal hopping test performed on a force platform. After ≈15-minute break (which corresponded to the time to set up all the MEMS units and go to

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Nicholas Tam, Ross Tucker, Jordan Santos-Concejero, Danielle Prins and Robert P. Lamberts

VICON MX motion analysis system (Oxford Metrics Ltd, Oxford, UK), sampling at 250 Hz using a modified Helen–Hayes marker set. GRF data were collected using two 900 × 600-mm force platform (AMTI, Watertown, MA), sampling at 2000 Hz, synchronized with the motion capture system. Surface electromyography

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Kevin M. Carroll, Jake R. Bernards, Caleb D. Bazyler, Christopher B. Taber, Charles A. Stuart, Brad H. DeWeese, Kimitake Sato and Michael H. Stone

, Haff GG , et al . Relationship between strength characteristics and unweighted and weighted vertical jump height . Int J Sport Physiol . 2009 ; 4 ( 4 ): 461 – 473 . doi:10.1123/ijspp.4.4.461 28. Linthorne NP . Analysis of standing vertical jumps using a force platform . Am J Phys . 2001 ; 69

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Herbert Wagner, Patrick Fuchs, Andrea Fusco, Philip Fuchs, Jeffrey W. Bell and Serge P. von Duvillard

repeat the sprint test twice (2-min recovery between tests). The fastest 30-m sprinting time was used for analysis. Countermovement-Jump Test To determine jump height, subjects performed 3 countermovement jumps on an AMTI force platform (AMTI BP600900-2000; AMTI, Watertown, MA) from an upright position

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Juan A. Escobar Álvarez, Juan P. Fuentes García, Filipe A. Da Conceição and Pedro Jiménez-Reyes

height and F-V profile were measured using a scientifically validated smartphone app ( My Jump 2 ) on an iPhone device (iPhone 7; Apple, Cupertino, CA), featuring a camera frame rate of 240 fps. 28 This app showed good validity for the CMJ height in comparison to force platform ( r  = .995, P  < .001

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Laura A. Prieto, Justin A. Haegele and Luis Columna

theory stated Static balance: Postural control compared among different groups, different visual conditions and measured postprogram Force platform Purposive Ito et al. ( 2017 ) 32 12.6–15.4 years; 14 male and 18 female. DS ( n  = 8), ASD ( n  = 9), ID ( n  = 15). No theory stated Dance exercise

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Leah S. Goudy, Brandon Rhett Rigby, Lisa Silliman-French and Kevin A. Becker

construct? Therapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorders, 2 , 205 – 214 . PubMed ID: 21179529 doi:10.1177/1756285609103726 10.1177/1756285609103726 Harro , C.C. , Marquis , A. , Piper , N. , & Burdis , C. ( 2016 ). Reliability and validity of force platform measures of balance impairment in