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Benjamin S. Killen, Krista L. Zelizney and Xin Ye

sampling rate of 20,000 Hz with a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter and stored in a laboratory computer for subsequent analyses. Specifically, the amplitude (root mean square) of each recorded EMG signal was calculated, and then normalized as a percentage of the amplitude value obtained during that muscle

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Benjamin R. Wilson, Kaley E. Robertson, Jeremy M. Burnham, Michael C. Yonz, Mary Lloyd Ireland and Brian Noehren

with an anterior reach asymmetry on the Y Balance Test of 4 cm or greater, or with a normalized composite score less than 94.0%. Similarly, Butler et al 4 did not identify any noncontact lower-extremity injuries during a season of college football when players had a Y Balance Test composite score

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John H. Hollman, Tyler A. Berling, Ellen O. Crum, Kelsie M. Miller, Brent T. Simmons and James W. Youdas

the tests were normalized to their respective MVIC trials. We analyzed the mean recruitment amplitude over 2 seconds during the isometric holding phase of each repetition and subsequently calculated the mean recruitment amplitude across 5 repetitions for each subject. Statistical Analyses

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Christopher D. Ramos, Melvin Ramey, Rand R. Wilcox and Jill L. McNitt-Gray

angle of the RF relative to forward horizontal passing through the center of pressure. Contact time (Δ t ), average horizontal RF (RFh avg ), average vertical RF (RFv avg ), horizontal impulse normalized by body mass (ΔVh), and net vertical impulse normalized by body mass (ΔVv) were determined for

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Damien Moore, Tania Pizzari, Jodie McClelland and Adam I. Semciw

actions) were performed for data normalization ( Supplementary Table S1 [available online]). Statistical Analysis The R statistical software package (version 3.4.1; ) was used for analysis. The EMG data processing has been described in detail previously. 6 Muscle activity

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Marcin Grzes´kowiak, Zbigniew Krawiecki, Wojciech Łabe˛dz´, Jacek Kaczmarczyk, Jacek Lewandowski and Dawid Łochyn´ski

mobility in patients with LDH, as patients with CLBP may benefit from the directed TLF manipulation. 9 We hypothesized that 7 days of KT application would increase lumbar spine range of motion, decrease pain, normalize FRP (ie, decrease lumbar back muscle activity during full trunk flexion), and improve

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Komeil Dashti Rostami, Aynollah Naderi and Abbey Thomas

using a root-mean-square algorithm with a 50-millisecond moving window. Dynamic EMG data recorded during the landing task were normalized to the peak muscle activity recorded during the MVIC. Preparatory muscle activity was extracted as the peak and mean values in a 100-millisecond window prior to

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Igor E.J. Magalhães, Rinaldo A. Mezzarane and Rodrigo L. Carregaro

-to-peak amplitudes of both potentials (H-reflex and M-wave) on the ordinate (in millivolts) and the respective stimulus current applied to the tibial nerve (in milliamperes) on the abscissa. This graph is called RC. The amplitude values (the H-reflex and M-wave) and the current were normalized, respectively, to the

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Bassam A. Nabil, Mariam A. Ameer, Azza M. Abdelmohsen, Abeer F. Hanafy, Ahmed S. Yamani, Naglaa M. Elhafez and Salam M. Elhafez

measurement of normalized eccentric peak torque (NEPT). 14 Rare scientific studies in the literature explain the mechanical and anatomical adaptation of external shoulder joint musculature to any faulty mechanics at the elbow and wrist joints. 14 On the other hand, there are several compensatory strategies

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Kristoffer Henriksen

with their teammates. They evaluated this group setup positively and reported how they appreciated and felt relieved when they learned that they were not alone and that their teammates had similar difficulties. Sharing such experiences is an important part of the normalization process. The athletes