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Kathryn Henne and Madeleine Pape

”—must undergo “normalizing” treatment before returning to competition ( IAAF, 2011 ). 7. Similarly, an IAAF official claimed that the Hyperandrogenism Regulations “were ensnaring athletes from developing countries with little … means to contest the rules” ( Leicester, 2016 ). 8. Fourteen experts, including ten

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Nancy Quinn, Laura Misener and P. David Howe

was expressed by some parasport athletes during interviews in some spaces—at the poolside, in the cafeteria, walking the streets of The Village . Staring at the impaired body in these spaces was normalized by some athletes. Others spoke of greater bodily ease and comradery with competitors in

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Maya Maor

-Canyon, 2016 ). Participants of this age group tend to suppress feelings, deny weakness, normalize pain; while men of older age groups (65 and up) are more likely to practice sports in a more moderate mode, displaying some sense of a relaxation of hegemonic masculinity ( Levy, Hollander, & Noy-Canyon, 2016

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Rachel Allison

. 3) that may normalize women’s athleticism, with whiteness, class privilege, and heterosexuality neutralizing the gender transgression of women’s competitive sports participation ( Banet-Weiser, 1999 ; McDonald, 2000 ; Musto & McGann, 2016 ). However, beyond studies of marketing and media imagery

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Earl Smith and Angela J. Hattery

expropriation that has now become normalized as a routine activity inside the hip-hop and SportsWorld relationship ( Bukowski, 2008 ). The exploitation of the Black athlete has been examined thoroughly ( Edwards, 1969 ). There is extant literature on hip-hop and sports ( Francis, 2017 ), but there needs to be

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Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst, Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom and Emma Arksey

not wish to condone patriarchal local norms and practices; but at the same time they must provide culturally informed and relevant programming that genuinely matters to local audiences. Boyce, Zeledón, Tellez, and Barrington ( 2016 , p. 631) note how the acceptance of “local narratives and normalized

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Jafrā D. Thomas and Bradley J. Cardinal

educational resources certified as evidence-based. Professional socialization via interpersonal and organizational structural interactions may also promote practices based on taken-for-granted assumptions (i.e., a habitus; Bourdieu, 1990, cited in Cockerham, 2013 , p. 79) that normalize uncritical appraisal

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Matthew Lamont and Sheranne Fairley

perceive this mode of alcohol consumption as normalized. Indeed, the excerpt of online discussion below suggests that the Beer Mile was a stand-out memory of the Ironman experience for this competitor’s children: Yep, count me in again. Loved it last year. And so did my kids … Funny that the beer mile got

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Ray Gamache

normalized, highly politicized, affective investments” ( Andrews & Silk, 2018 , p. 513). Ultimately, despite having a facade of certitude and scientificity, replays carry discursive messages about whose stories and what values are worth communicating while dismissing or obscuring others. Last Dance This

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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Allison B. Smith, Natalie M. Welch and Robin Hardin

. Research suggests sexist comments, phrases, jokes, and behaviors towards women has become normalized and rendered an ordinary part of expression ( Savigny, 2014 ). This systematic sexism can lead to a “chilly climate” or a culture where women feel marginalized and devalued ( Hall & Sandler, 1982 ). Sexism