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Arne Jaspers, Tim Op De Beéck, Michel S. Brink, Wouter G.P. Frencken, Filip Staes, Jesse J. Davis and Werner F. Helsen

rate their perceived effort for the whole training session. 4 Furthermore, each player was asked in isolation for his RPE to minimize the influence of factors such as peer pressure. 14 The first season contained data from 23 players. The number of sessions recorded per player ranges from 35 to 160

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Ali M. McManus, Nathan R. Sletten and Daniel J. Green

-trial coefficients of variation for FMD (%) and baseline diameter were 8.2% and 3.0%, respectively. An Eston–Parfitt curvilinear RPE scale ( 17 ) adapted for children was used to compare the perceived effort of the exercise trials. The RPE scale was placed in front of the children during the final 15 seconds of each

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Tania Pereira, John Durocher and Jamie Burr

) perceived their ride compared with inexperienced riders (≤5 y, n = 15). Similarly, no associations existed between perceived effort and the rider’s age, sex, overall fitness, riding speed, or aerobic intensity. A weak inverse association existed between the easiest parts of the ride (RPE min) and

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Jorge López-Fernández, Javier Sánchez-Sánchez, Jorge García-Unanue, José Luis Felipe, Enrique Colino and Leonor Gallardo

players’ physiological responses. The lack of differences between AT and NG with respect to HR mean and HR peak in this and previous studies suggest that both surfaces elicit similar physiological responses, 6 , 8 although perceived effort may be higher on AT than on NG. 4 Nevertheless, the

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Matthew Zimmermann, Grant Landers, Karen Wallman and Georgina Kent

performance in hot conditions. 12 – 14 These improvements are largely attributed to a significant reduction in core temperature that is achieved by the phase change of ice to water (enthalpy of fusion), which requires a large amount of heat energy (334 J/g). 14 However, reduced perceived effort and thermal

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Robert H. Mann, Craig A. Williams, Bryan C. Clift and Alan R. Barker

, Foster C , Porcari JP , Mikat RP . Temporal robustness of the session rating of perceived exertion . Int J Sports Physiol Perform . 2016 ; 11 : 1088 – 1093 . PubMed ID: 26999454 doi:10.1123/ijspp.2015-0438 26999454 10.1123/ijspp.2015-0438 10. Hutchinson JC , Tenenbaum G . Perceived

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Carlo Castagna, Stefano D’Ottavio, Stefano Cappelli and Susana Cristina Araújo Póvoas

should be encouraged to provide their near maximal effort (ie, training effort) during this kind of functional training. The use of exercise RPE may result in a practical viable modality of evaluating players’ effort during the LSA drills. Using the differential RPE approach, players’ perceived effort

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Alan J. McCubbin, Anyi Zhu, Stephanie K. Gaskell and Ricardo J.S. Costa

time ( p  < .001) but not trial ( p  = .531), was observed for RPE, with greater perceived effort at 120 min ( p  < .05) and 135–180 min ( p  < .01) compared with 15 min in both trials. There was no significant difference between trials for TTE performance (CES-HGel 744 ± 182 s and CES-Std 756 ± 187 s

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Leila Selimbegović, Olivier Dupuy, Julie Terache, Yannick Blandin, Laurent Bosquet and Armand Chatard

recorded cadence and power information every minute and asked participants to give an estimation of their perceived effort using the Borg rating of perceived exertion scale after 10 (end of calibrating period), 20, and 30 min of exercise. When 10 min had elapsed, the experimenter hid the digital display of

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Fergus K. O’Connor, Steven E. Stern, Thomas M. Doering, Geoffrey M. Minett, Peter R. Reaburn, Jonathan D. Bartlett and Vernon G. Coffey

considering the hot and humid typical training environment of the present study, the effect of RH on perceived effort and HR may have been expected. However, this effect did not appear to decrease external work output to the same extent as SR, indicating there may be incongruence between external and internal