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Sarpreet Kahlon, Kiah Brubacher-Cressman, Erica Caron, Keren Ramonov, Ruth Taubman, Katherine Berg, F. Virginia Wright and Alicia J. Hilderley

program, typically in relation to their goals. This self-evaluation was often associated with spontaneous expressions about increases in self-confidence or closing the ability gap with their peers. Aurora : Because it helped me feel better about myself, and so how much with CP you can really do. . . . It

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Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers, Nigel R. Green and Margaret E. Whitehead

developed and challenged by deployment in simple activity settings. Learners are expected to reflect on their movement and also to enact sequences of movement patterns. Enhanced self-awareness, self-evaluation, and discussion of next steps are encouraged. The acquisition of general movement patterns is the

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Michel Milistetd, Pierre Trudel, Steven Rynne, Isabel Maria Ribeiro Mesquita and Juarez Vieira do Nascimento

weighting, and calendar (pace and order) - Instructors discuss course syllabus and are open students’ suggestions - Instructors provide students with opportunities to (a) select some readings / assignments, (b) know (from day one) how many points needed for each grade standard, (c) self-evaluate some of

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Brennan Petersen, Mark Eys, Kody Watson and M. Blair Evans

(perceptions of closeness and unity among members) 36 30 6  peer leadership (self-/peer ratings of frequency and/or quality of athlete leadership) 9 8 1  roles (self-evaluations of one’s role; e.g., ambiguity, efficacy) 9 9 0  collective efficacy (belief in a group’s capabilities to reach objectives). 9 6 3

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André Bateman and Kai A.D. Morgan

athletes. This did not support the assertions that recognize self-efficacy as a self-evaluative cognitive process that is likely to influence PTSD development. 22 The combination of present injury status and perception of general self-efficacy also did not significantly influence a PTSD response, although

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Molly Hayes Sauder and Michael Mudrick

supervisor, and intern self-evaluations of the level of their own personal performance and achievement of goals. This current study’s researchers did not collect data on the specific academic work required of each intern, but if assignments like those recommended by Young and Baker ( 2004 ) were part of the

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Andrew Evans, Robert Morris, Jamie Barker, Tom Johnson, Zoe Brenan and Ben Warner

honest given that honest self-evaluations are paramount to the potential success of PDMS ( Dryden, 2006 ). After our PDMS contract was reinforced, a volunteer was invited to initiate the COPDMS session. We explained that each athlete would make his way to the front of the room in turn, share information

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Nathan A. Reis, Kent C. Kowalski, Amber D. Mosewich and Leah J. Ferguson

on favorable self-evaluations compared with others ( Cvencek, Fryberg, Covarrubias, & Meltzoff, 2018 ). As many of the difficult experiences faced by athletes stem from evaluations, an evaluation-based resource like self-esteem seems counterintuitive; in addition, it is not always possible to

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Stéphanie Girard, Jérôme St-Amand and Roch Chouinard

teachers foster their students’ sense of competence in PE. To do so, they should avoid peer comparison. Instead, they could use students’ self-assessment and allow them to self-evaluate in a confidential manner (e.g., in writing rather than out loud). Moreover, providing equitable positive feedback

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Juan Andrés Merino-Barrero, Alfonso Valero-Valenzuela, Noelia Belando Pedreño and Javier Fernandez-Río

session, teacher and students shared their perceptions regarding responsibility in class (the teacher asked the students to reflect on the “responsibility goal” selected for the session); and (e) reflection time: students self-evaluated their responsibility (they used the “thumbs up” strategy; Hellison