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Cui Zhang, Qipeng Song, Wei Sun and Yu Liu

.M.D.A. , & Teixeira , L.A. , ( 2010 ). On the functional integration between postural and supra-postural tasks on the basis of contextual cues and task constraint . Gait & Posture, 32 ( 4 ), 615 – 618 . PubMed ID: 20889343 doi:10.1016/j.gaitpost.2010.09.003 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2010.09.003 Folstein , M

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Anne Z. Beethe, Elizabeth F. Nagle, Mita Lovalekar, Takashi Nagai, Bradley C. Nindl and Christopher Connaboy

strategy to optimize sCS 500-m performance. By doing so, novice sCS’s are able to optimize performance for the duration of the task. Due to task constraints related to sCS, including the limited use of the upper extremities and the additional gear, the FS 500-m time did not significantly predict novice sCS

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Raimey Olthuis, John van der Kamp, Koen Lemmink and Simone Caljouw

—with the possibility of relative contributions of each lying anywhere along a continuum between the two, depending on the task constraints. Error endpoint distributions typically have an elliptical shape with the orientation of the long (primary) axis indicating the primary direction of error. A primary

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Carly C. Sacco, Erin M. Gaffney and Jesse C. Dean

. Kuznetsov NA , Riley MA . The role of task constraints in relating laboratory and clinical measures of balance . Gait Posture . 2015 ; 42 : 275 – 279 . PubMed doi:10.1016/j.gaitpost.2015.05.022 26112778 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2015.05.022 37. Lacour M , Bernard-Demanze L , Dumitrescu M . Posture control

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Sunghoon Shin and Jacob J. Sosnoff

; de Freitas, Freitas, Duarte, Latash, & Zatsiorsky, 2009 ; Mochizuki, Duarte, Amadio, Zatsiorsky, & Latash, 2006 ; Zatsiorsky & Duarte, 1999 , 2000 ). The majority of these studies utilized various experimental conditions that manipulated feedback or task constraints, such as joint immobilization

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Abbis H. Jaffri, Thomas M. Newman, Brent I. Smith, Giampietro L. Vairo, Craig R. Denegar, William E. Buckley and Sayers J. Miller

, such as quiet standing on force plates in laboratory settings, or using the Balance Error Scoring System in clinical settings. 8 – 10 However, because of the difference in task constraints involved in static and dynamic balance activities, static balance tests may not provide relevant information

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A. Paige Lane, Sergio L. Molina, DaShae A. Tolleson, Stephen J. Langendorfer, Jacqueline D. Goodway and David F. Stodden

.M. ( 1994 ). Postural dynamics as a function of skill level and task constraints . Gait & Posture, 2 ( 2 ), 85 – 93 doi:10.1016/0966-6362(94)90097-3 10.1016/0966-6362(94)90097-3 Stodden , D.F. , Langendorfer , S.J. , & Roberton , M.A. ( 2009 ). The association between motor skill competence and

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Andrew D. Nordin and Janet S. Dufek

confounds statistical analyses. 18 , 19 Consideration for the individual, environmental, and task constraints that shape movement outcomes provide context for the emergence of distinct neuromusculoskeletal motor solutions, or movement strategies. 17 – 20 Biomechanical strategies have been defined by James

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Mostafa Yaghoubi, Philip W. Fink, Wyatt H. Page and Sarah P. Shultz

. PubMed ID: 8531628 doi:10.1249/00005768-199509000-00009 8531628 10.1249/00005768-199509000-00009 27. Hung YC , Gill SV , Meredith GS . Influence of dual-task constraints on whole-body organization during walking in children who are overweight and obese . Am J Phys Med Rehabil . 2013 ; 92 ( 6

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Jason M. Avedesian, Tracey Covassin and Janet S. Dufek

function is an integral factor for injury risk in sport. A previously concussed athlete with residual deficiencies in processing environmental stimuli and task constraints, along with the inability to preplan correct motor sequences, may not be able to produce protective muscular forces, thus leading to