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Travis R. Bell and Karen L. Hartman

stories via social media to circumvent traditional media. While this is not yet the norm, there are examples of athletes’ controlling their narrative and connecting directly with fans through digital platforms in times of celebration, retirement, and crisis ( Brown, Murphy, & Maxwell, 2018 ; Kassing

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Erica S. Albertin, Emilie N. Miley, James May, Russell T. Baker and Don Reordan

-free daily activities with achieving normal ranges of motion). 3 , 4 Clinicians often apply traditional therapy, such as stretching and strengthening exercises, to improve hip ROM. 5 Although traditional therapy has been recommended to improve hip ROM, the efficiency of the treatments is questionable. 3

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Allysiê Priscilla de Souza Cavina, Eduardo Pizzo Junior, Aryane Flauzino Machado, Taíse Mendes Biral, Leonardo Kesrouani Lemos, Caio Russo Dutra Rodrigues, Carlos Marcelo Pastre and Franciele Marques Vanderlei

strategy for overweight individuals and for those who do not like traditional physical exercise models, such as bodybuilding and local gyms, 5 in addition to being an alternative method for those who are not able to do aerobic exercise (eg, musculoskeletal problems) that is more effective in reducing body

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Carrie S. Baker and Gary B. Wilkerson

Key Points ▸ The results of this study strongly support a transition from a traditional model to patient-centered care model for improved job satisfaction, decreased working hours, and improved patient care. ▸ Among athletic trainers (ATs) working in NCAA Division I athletics, a greater proportion

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Sarah Daniels, Gabriela Santiago, Jennifer Cuchna and Bonnie Van Lunen

coupling gel is applied directly to the skin over the desired treatment area and the transducer is secured with adhesive bandages. Patients receive treatment with the device secured to them, eliminating the portability constraint of traditional US units. Depending on the parameters chosen (refer to Table

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John Miller and Todd Seidler

learning activities must be assessed as a process, instead of a traditionally finished product such as tests or research papers ( Bengston & Sifferd, 2010 ). Importantly, the assessments of the experiential learning activities will be dependent on the instructor’s learning outcomes for the course

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Hunter Fujak, Stephen Frawley, Heath McDonald and Stephen Bush

traditional marketing literature classifying consumers dichotomously as either “loyal” or “switchers.” In contrast, subscription-market patterns differ in that consumers typically allocate most of their category to one provider. This has been found to be the case for instance in the credit card market, in

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Paul S. Bradley and Jack D. Ade

Soccer is a complex sport with unpredictable movement patterns during matches. 1 Players regularly transition between short multidirectional high-intensity efforts and longer periods of low-intensity activity. 2 The “traditional” approach to quantifying demands in the absence of physiological and

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Michelle Flemons, Fiona Diffey and Dominic Cunliffe

considers the influence and impact of socialization through the anticipatory phase prior to entering PETE and its effect on PSTs beliefs. The second section discusses what should be taught during PETE to move PE away from traditional ideology and support PSTs in developing their own teaching philosophy

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John M. Schuna Jr., Daniel S. Hsia, Catrine Tudor-Locke and Neil M. Johannsen

that typically encountered during seated work. 15 – 22 Previous reports by Carr et al 19 and Levine and Miller 16 indicated that performing office tasks while using a pedal or treadmill desk elicits respective increases in EE of 2.1 to 2.9 times above that associated with traditional seated work