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groups and link to team functioning; and (c) integrate survey methods with GPS positioning data to understand member behaviors in the context of different group events. By illustrating cases where researchers strove to study individual- and group-level elements of sport groups (and their interactions

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Matthew A. Masucci

( Masucci, Butryn, & Johnson, 2019 ) advocated for the implementation of a GPS chip so that authorities could easily track their movements and eliminate the need for painstakingly filling out paperwork declaring their location for the purpose of unannounced testing! More realistically, however, the authors

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Brennan Petersen, Mark Eys, Kody Watson and M. Blair Evans

.e., cross-sectional) 40 34 6  2 19 15 4  3+ 7 5 2 Data-collection approach  questionnaire 62 53 9  observation 4 1 3  interview (as part of a mixed-method study) 3 3 0  video observation 3 2 1  GPS (global positioning system) position tracking 1 1 0 Group dynamics construct (and general description)  cohesion

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Thomas L. McKenzie

identification, mapping, and spatial-area calculations of target areas via iPad GPS technology. Typical SOPLAY/SOPARC outcome data include the number and proportion of participants in an activity area overall and by variable of interest (e.g., gender and age groupings), as well as the frequency and the

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-supportive changes in their educational environments. To enable useful, standardized data collection, citizen scientists used a simple GPS-enabled mobile app capable of collecting geocoded visual and auditory data about walking routes and relevant environmental features. Results: The Our Voice framework is being

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Cheryl M. Glazebrook

activity interventions, provide feedback, and conduct affordable portable movement assessment ( Bort-Roig et al., 2014 ; del Rosario, Redmond, & Lovell, 2015 ; Lathia et al., 2013 ). A key technological feature of any cellphone—the global positioning system (GPS)—was made possible by a group of curious

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Christina M. Patch, Caterina G. Roman, Terry L. Conway, Ralph B. Taylor, Kavita A. Gavand, Brian E. Saelens, Marc A. Adams, Kelli L. Cain, Jessa K. Engelberg, Lauren Mayes, Scott C. Roesch and James F. Sallis

neighborhood walkability and GPS-measured walking, bicycling and vehicle time in adolescents . Health Place . 2015 ; 32 : 1 – 7 . PubMed ID: 25588788 doi:10.1016/j.healthplace.2014.12.008 25588788 10.1016/j.healthplace.2014.12.008 62. Frank LD , Saelens BE , Chapman J , et al . Objective assessment

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Madhura Phansikar and Sean P. Mullen

. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 22 ( 9 ), 874 – 882 . PubMed ID: 17721898 doi: 10.1002/gps.1755 Sanchez-Lopez , J. , Silva-Pereyra , J. , Fernández , T. , Alatorre-Cruz , G.C. , Castro-Chavira , S.A. , González-López , M. , & Sánchez-Moguel , S.M. ( 2018 ). High levels of

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Glynn M. McGehee, Beth A. Cianfrone and Timothy Kellison

access to the stadium. The team also highlighted their partnership with Waze, a GPS navigation app, and with Uber, a ride-sharing provider ( Atlanta Braves, 2017 ). Like their informational communication, The AJC’s coverage of transit investments and traffic reported on the team’s transit information