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Joris Drayer, Brendan Dwyer and Stephen L. Shapiro

under immense scrutiny. Of primary concern was whether DFS should be considered a form of illegal sport gambling. This debate, centered around the notion of whether the activity should be considered a game of skill or chance, took a major turn in 2015 when McKinsey and Co. published a study of DFS

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Anastasios Kaburakis, David A. Pierce, Beth A. Cianfrone and Amanda L. Paule

The NCAA maintains a balance between amateurism and the increasing need for generating revenue. In this balancing act, there are various policy considerations and legal constraints. These legal and policy entanglements bore such class action suits as Keller v. Electronic Arts, National Collegiate Athletic Association, and Collegiate Licensing Company (2009) and O’Bannon v. National Collegiate Athletic Association and Collegiate Licensing Company (2009), which question current revenue generating practices of the NCAA. The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions of NCAA Division I men’s football and basketball student-athletes toward amateurism and the particular use of student-athletes’ likenesses in college sports video games. Findings point to a lack of clarity and understanding of the agreements and consent forms student-athletes sign annually. Respondents demonstrated confusion in regard to financial aid opportunities, parameters of their scholarships, and whether they endorse commercial products. A majority of respondents expressed the desire to receive additional compensation. Recommendations include clarification and focused rules’ education from compliance and financial aid officers, as well as introducing new amateurism policy, concurrently avoiding costly litigation.

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Joshua Woods

disc golfers. In addition, it reveals how social variables predict disc-golf-related behaviors on social media and how social media activities are correlated with actual disc-golf play. The study concludes by offering empirically and theoretically grounded suggestions for future research. The Social

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Brendan Dwyer, Joris Drayer and Stephen L. Shapiro

Traditional, season-long fantasy sports (TFSs) have been around for nearly 60 years, and although gambling associations have existed since the beginning, there is ample evidence to suggest the activity does not meet the criteria for gambling (cf., Bernard & Eade, 2005 ; Boswell, 2008 ; Drayer

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Mikihiro Sato, Jeremy S. Jordan and Daniel C. Funk

The benefits of leisure-time physical activity to health have been acknowledged in the sport management literature (e.g.,  Berg, Warner, & Das, 2015 ; Eime et al., 2015 ). Physical activity lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and breast and colon cancers and

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Heather Kennedy, Bradley J. Baker, Jeremy S. Jordan and Daniel C. Funk

Running as a recreational activity has become a popular leisure pursuit. Surveys indicate approximately 65 million Americans ( Statista, 2017a ), 50 million Europeans ( Breedveld, Scheerder, & Borgers, 2015 ), and 61 million Australians ( Medibank, 2016 ) run regularly. Globally, marathon running

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Adam Love and Seungmo Kim

involve activities that are not formally required. Second, although the behaviors may seem minor, the cumulative effect of such behaviors can have a profound impact on organizational effectiveness. In the context of sport, for example, a veteran pitcher on a baseball team may share pitching secrets

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Hebe Schaillée, Ramón Spaaij, Ruth Jeanes and Marc Theeboom

Knowledge translation has emerged as an important area of research activity to enhance the fit between research-based knowledge and its application in policy and practice ( Greenhalgh & Wieringa, 2011 ). National competitive research funding schemes increasingly demand that applicants demonstrate

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Brendan Dwyer, Joshua M. Lupinek and Rebecca M. Achen

women ( Epstein, 2016 ), and in perhaps the most male dominated of all football-related activities, fantasy football, female participation has grown to 14.2 million or 38% of the total population ( Fantasy Sports Trade Association [FSTA], 2017 ). This growth is intriguing, as previous researchers have

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Sara Santarossa, Paige Coyne, Sarah J. Woodruff and Craig G. Greenham

the current study was to examine the online thoughts and opinions that resulted from #BodyIssue on Instagram. The Instagram posting activity of ESPN and espnW as it pertained to the promotion of the featured athletes and the Instagram accounts of the athletes featured in the 2016 Body Issue were