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Javier Molina-García and Ana Queralt

footage of residential, office, civic/institutional, recreation, entertainment, food-related, and retail area is distributed. 19 The buffer used for determining home-neighborhood or school-neighborhood walkability was represented as the administrative unit plus a 100-m straight-line buffer around the

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Deborah A. Cohen, Bing Han, Sujeong Park, Stephanie Williamson and Kathryn P. Derose

the intervention period. Using ArcGIS, the household sample was identified within the buffers so that ⅓ of the sample lived within ¼ mile of the park, ⅓ within ¼–½ mile, and the remainder with ½ to 1 mile of the park’s mailing address. Table  1 shows the characteristics of the neighborhoods within a

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Gabriel Motta Pinheiro Brisola, Elvis de Souza Malta, Paulo Roberto Pereira Santiago, Luiz Henrique Palucci Vieira and Alessandro Moura Zagatto

carnosine synthesis, 11 a cytoplasmic dipeptide whose main function is as an intramuscular acid buffer, 11 and can also act as a local “pump,” by exchanging Ca 2+ for H + . 12 , 13 Despite the beneficial effects of β-alanine supplementation on isolated efforts related to water polo, 8 – 10 no studies

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Milos Mallol, David J. Bentley, Lynda Norton, Kevin Norton, Gaizka Mejuto and Javier Yanci

endurance performance might improve due to the increase of skeletal muscle buffering capacity. However, central and peripheral adaptations to HIIT needs further investigation, such as neuromuscular and endocrinological adaptations, expression on cation pumps skeletal muscle, expression on fiber type, and

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Michael C. Harding, Quinn D. Bott and Christopher E. Jonas

& Intermediate School. Students previously had to walk or bike on the shoulder of the busy Kamehameha Highway. The wide buffer zone of grass between the path and the road has made commuters feel safer. Prior to the construction of the path, only a few commuters could be seen on the shoulder of the highway

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Shuge Zhang, Stuart Beattie, Amanda Pitkethly and Chelsey Dempsey

individual consideration—that might be particularly helpful in buffering the harmful effects of extraversion and neuroticism on training behaviors. Typically, although all six transformational leadership behaviors in Callow et al.’s framework may improve training, it is these three candidates that might be

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Kim Gammage, Rachel Arnold, Nicole Bolter, Angela Coppola, Thomas Curran, Lori Dithurbide, Karl Erickson, Larkin Lamarche, Sean Locke, Luc Martin and Kathleen Wilson

those high in mental toughness. These findings are the first to highlight that mental toughness may act as a potential buffer to the adverse effects of a controlling interpersonal style by coaches. The importance of this result notwithstanding, it will be important for researchers to continue to

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Amanda L. Zaleski, Linda S. Pescatello, Kevin D. Ballard, Gregory A. Panza, William Adams, Yuri Hosokawa, Paul D. Thompson and Beth A. Taylor

Applications Compression socks are regularly touted as an inexpensive countermeasure to mitigate exercise-associated muscle damage. The present study does not support a role for compression socks worn during a marathon to buffer the expected rise of CK during or after a marathon event in recreational runners

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Natalie M. Golaszewski and John B. Bartholomew

support is defined as the perceived availability of social resources as well as the support that is provided in the context of support groups and informal social relationships. Within the buffering hypothesis, social support has been shown to critically reduce or ameliorate the negative experiences of an

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Robert C. Hilliard, Lorenzo A. Redmond and Jack C. Watson II

-stigma, and self-compassion also buffered the relationship between public and self-stigma ( Heath et al., 2018 ). Specifically, for those with higher levels of self-compassion, public stigma had a weaker association with levels of self-stigma. Further, in addition to being associated with reduced self