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Chad Seifried, Brian Soebbing and Kwame J.A. Agyemang

resources. 27 Networks surface when high market demand uncertainty is combined with elevated task or product complexities and increased time pressures. In this environment, organizations face difficulty surviving individually or realizing higher levels of success. Networks allow organizations to remain

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Joshua I. Newman

, and a mode of social reproduction which privileges the Trumps, Goodells, or Bob McNairs are afforded, then we have in some ways deceived the associative complexities of these matters of fact. Human lives have been lost, and others made vulnerable. Power has renewed not just in language and signifiers

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Andrew Hammond, Ruth Jeanes, Dawn Penney and Deana Leahy

. Debbie Coach of several athletes with varying complexities of impairments of disabilities, she coaches some athletes with physical disabilities at the lower end of the classification spectrum (i.e., S1-4) as well as others, has a long history of coaching athletes with a disability in both integrated

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Hans Erik Næss

leadership style and FOG’s operational structure is liable to strategic change at FIA. 65 According to Rumelt, the first element of out three in strategy is “a good diagnosis”, one which “simplifies the often overwhelming complexity of reality by identifying certain aspects of the situation as critical.” 66

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Alixandra N. Krahn

as a white, able-bodied, heterosexual, and middle-classed cisgender woman. I offer this as an acknowledgement that my story is one of many and a recognition that my experience does not address the complexities faced by women coaches of different ethnicities, abilities, sexual identities, and class

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Maya Maor

the insights presented here repeat themselves in some of the material I gathered for the bigger research project 1 (including materials from the U.S. context), due to cultural complexities and differences the findings presented in the current study should only viewed in relation to the local Israeli

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Mark Norman, Katelyn Esmonde and Courtney Szto

sociology reveals that they are not inevitable outcomes ( Healy, 2017 ; Schneider & Simonetto, 2017 ). These critiques present important cautions about the merits of blogging as public sociology of sport. Using Self-Reflexive Vignettes to Explore Intersectionality We represent the complexity and diversity

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Thomas P. Oates

signaled an artist’s legitimacy. Under the right set of circumstances, these associations could be used to generate substantial profits, even while they contributed to the continued segregation and subjugation of Black communities. To illustrate the complexities of these assemblages, this paper explores

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Rachel Vaccaro and Ted M. Butryn

“messiness, complexity, multiplicity, a nonjudgmental attitude toward women’s cultural productions, and an attempt to think outside existing gender, sexuality, and race binaries” (p. 363). Even though some news media stated that Favor Hamilton’s intention was to spread her mental illness story, there is no

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Pirkko Markula

that it does not privilege dance skill or choreographic complexity. Rather “[T]he show teaches audiences that engagement with dance is structured by dance’s theatrical mechanisms, and allows for moments of strong feeling because of, rather than despite, those mechanisms” (p. 134). Through the type of