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Marco Catarino Espada Estêvão Correia and Rachael Bertram

; Lemyre et al., 2007 ; Wright et al., 2007 ). Furthermore, experiential knowledge that is gained throughout everyday interactions with expert coaches in practical settings has been found to be extremely valuable to coaches, as it is based upon the extensive experience and an intuitive understanding of

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Bradley D. Hatfield

perspective, is extended to a cascade of neural processes that serve to maintain a fundamental quality of skilled cognitive-motor performance (i.e., the minimization of effort) while performing under conditions of mental stress. In general, expert motor performance is characterized by attenuation of energy

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Michael A. Odio, Patty Raube Keller and Dana Drew Shaw

students for internships through interviews with three subject matter experts with extensive knowledge and experience with Title IX in higher education. Interview Procedures The three subject matter experts interviewed for this article were Marissa W. Pollick, J.D.; Sarah Leyshock, J.D.; and Karrah Miller

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Jarred Pilgrim, Peter Kremer and Sam Robertson

10.2, handicap index range −5 to 0) and 12 expert coaches and practitioners (11 male, 1 female, age range 33–60 years, mean age 42.8 years, mean years of coaching 14.9). Inclusion criteria for the players required that they be a current member of either an Australian Amateur National Squad (Tier 1

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Cornelia Frank, Gian-Luca Linstromberg, Linda Hennig, Thomas Heinen and Thomas Schack

, & Converse, 1993 ; Cooke, Gorman, Myers, & Duram, 2013 ; Filho & Tenenbaum, 2012 ). Expert teams have been shown to coordinate their actions without having to communicate, suggesting that expert teams share task-specific knowledge that allows for well-coordinated and successful team performance (e

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Jason R. Themanson, Nicole J. Bing, Brad E. Sheese and Matthew B. Pontifex

(expert; novice) differences in batters’ capabilities to discern different pitch types ( Muraskin et al., 2013 ; Radlo et al., 2001 ; Sherwin et al., 2012 ) or select appropriate motor response sets ( Nakamoto & Mori, 2008 , 2012 ). The first study in this area investigated the P300 component of event

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A. Mark Williams and Bradley Fawver

broad area of research. However, we opted for an approach at least grounded in objectivity that considered how often papers had been cited since their publication date, and we solicited thoughts and opinions from a reasonable number of leading experts in the field. We concede that this method is not

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Melanna F. Cox, Greg J. Petrucci Jr., Robert T. Marcotte, Brittany R. Masteller, John Staudenmayer, Patty S. Freedson and John R. Sirard

system was developed using the previously mentioned adult DO systems as a template ( Lyden, Petruski, et al., 2014 ). The first author (expert coder) took the lead on developing the DO system, with regular input provided by the research team. The DO system uses focal sampling and includes codes for four

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Ellen Freiberger, Elisabeth Rydwik, Astrid Chorus, Erwin Tak, Christophe Delecluse, Federico Schena, Nina Waaler, Bob Laventure and Nico van Meeteren

characteristics, and cultural aspects ( Glasgow & Chambers, 2012 ). Within this context of challenges, the “Be Part Expert Meeting”, held in Rome, Italy, in October 2014 was convened by the European Network for Action on Aging and Physical Activity (EUNAAPA) and several other EU-oriented partner organizations

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Alex J. Benson and Mark Eys

of the items. In Phase 3, a panel of experts judged the remaining items for their item content relevance. Item Generation Questionnaire items were generated based on existing organizational socialization research in conjunction with insights from qualitative work that investigated the socialization