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Mark L. Latash

this problem with the task of reaching a target with an arm. A spatial target can be described with three coordinates, while there are at least seven main axes of joint rotation in the human arm (even if one does not count scapular motion and finger motion). To perform a reaching movement the person

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Tanya R. Prewitt-White

’s experience and my own and each time she gave name to her experience, my body clenched. I could not help but question why he had never crossed the line with me. Yet, when the survivor described how icky she felt when Coach held her hand and how he caressed the base of her wrist with his middle finger

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Ryota Nishiyori and Beverly D. Ulrich

performed a finger-tapping task on two separate visits. On both occasions, researchers found that children with CP activated the motor cortex bilaterally when they used their paretic hand during finger tapping but activated the contralateral motor cortex when using their preferred hand. Their data support

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Blandine Bril

traditional productions in India and France are quite different, the mechanical constraints the potter has to satisfy to throw a pot are the same, producing and controlling rotational kinetic energy associated with finger pressure. Potters from both groups had to produce pots of spherical shape, from two

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Marcus Börjesson, Carolina Lundqvist, Henrik Gustafsson and Paul Davis

. Flexor digitorum was chosen since this muscle is responsible for ‘bending’ movements, particularly of the fingers but also of the wrist. Thus, the muscle influences the fine motor movements that athletes require in a wide variety of different sports. Previous studies applying EMG-measurements have shown

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Stefan Szymanski

# 0674041224, 9780674041226 Murabito , J.M. , Rosenberg , C.L. , Finger , D. , Kreger , B.E. , Levy , D. , Splansky , G.L. , . . . Hwang , S.J. ( 2007 ). A genome-wide association study of breast and prostate cancer in the NHLBI’s Framingham Heart Study . BMC Medical Genetics, 8 ( 1 ), S6

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Daniela Corbetta, Rebecca F. Wiener, Sabrina L. Thurman and Emalie McMahon

.L. ( 2014 ). Mapping the feel of the arm with the sight of the object: On the embodied origins of infant reaching . Frontiers in Psychology, 5 , 576 . PubMed doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00576 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00576 Corbetta , D. , Williams , J.L. , & Haynes , J.M. ( 2016 ). Bare fingers, but no

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Cesar R. Torres

body, rushing through my fingers. I feel totally at ease” ( Edmiston, 1986 ). The second type points beyond the pleasant sensations themselves to something external. Namely, one is delighted that this something is the case. To keep with the previous example, the swimmer thinks that far from a tedious

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Bo Li, Olan K.M. Scott, Stirling Sharpe, Qingru Xu and Michael Naraine

, p. 14). An article published in People’s Daily shared a story with readers about Sun’s preparation for the Olympics. The author mentioned that Sun had not missed any training sessions even though he hurt his fingers accidently as he prepared for the Olympics. Sun also has been framed as a mature

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Robert J. Lake

watching Henman took one back in time. Martin Johnson of The Telegraph ( 2001 ) wrote, “Tim stands alone as the modern guardian of that bygone age when the girls all wore Teddy Tinling dresses and you could cut your finger on the crease of Fred Perry’s trousers” (p. 8). In contrast to Perry’s exalted