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Erin Calaine Inglis, Danilo Iannetta, Daniel A. Keir and Juan M. Murias

The highest rate of muscle metabolism that can be maintained by the oxidative system in steady-state conditions without continual blood lactate accumulation and progressive depletion of high-energy phosphates sets the upper limit of tolerable intensity. Identification of this “critical intensity

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Francesco Campa and Stefania Toselli

BIA data of a large sample of male volleyball players, including players who participate in the highest divisions of the Italian National League. Thus, our findings may be helpful for training monitoring, talent identification, and selection of players for volleyball. Further studies should suggest

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Emma K. Zadow, Cecilia M. Kitic, Sam S.X. Wu and James W. Fell

output measured by the KICKR over an extended period after regular use at the higher ranges of power (250–500 W) when performing laboratory training and performance assessments and for talent-identification purposes; however, caution should be applied when using the KICKR in the lower ranges of power

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Montassar Tabben, Daniele Conte, Monoem Haddad and Karim Chamari

videos were analyzed differently following the decisive-moment concept by our group in another manuscript. 9 Anonymity and confidentiality have been ensured by replacing the athletes’ personal identification by a code. Ethical clearance was obtained from the institutional review board (CETAPS Laboratory

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Nick Dobbin, Richard Hunwicks, Ben Jones, Kevin Till, Jamie Highton and Craig Twist

standard, 5 – 7 meaning it has importance as part of talent identification. Practitioners must therefore be able to accurately assess a rugby league player’s whole-body maximal strength. The assessment of maximal strength using isoinertial measures (eg 1-repetition-maximum squat) is traditionally used in

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Jan G. Bourgois, Gil Bourgois and Jan Boone

. Int J Sports Physiol Perform . 2019 ; 14 ( 2 ): 260 – 264 . PubMed ID: 30039988 doi:10.1123/ijspp.2017-0845 10.1123/ijspp.2017-0845 16. Körner T . Talent identification and guidance scheme of the rowing association of the German Democratic Republic . In: FISA Coaching Development Programme Course

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Julia Walsh and Fraser Carson

pedagogical habits and move beyond mere identification. However caution is warranted, identification of a signature pedagogy does not guarantee relevance. A signature pedagogy may carry historical shackles that limit innovation or changes in novice education within the discipline, or simply, the signature

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Pedro L. Valenzuela, Javier S. Morales, Carl Foster, Alejandro Lucia and Pedro de la Villa

—Representative blood lactate/workload curve of one of the participants in which the identification of the lactate threshold (LT) is shown. The LT was determined as the point of this curve that yielded the maximal perpendicular distance to the straight line connecting the first and last point of this curve. As

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Francesco Campa, Catarina N. Matias, Elisabetta Marini, Steven B. Heymsfield, Stefania Toselli, Luís B. Sardinha and Analiza M. Silva

increased and decreased body fluids as covariate. When F ratio was significant, Bonferroni post hoc test was used for the identification of specific differences in the variables. The paired, one-sample Hotelling T 2 -test was performed to determine if the changes in the mean group vectors (measured at

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Paul Comfort, Thomas Dos’Santos, Paul A. Jones, John J. McMahon, Timothy J. Suchomel, Caleb Bazyler and Michael H. Stone

, suggest that such thresholds be investigated in the future, along with the identification of the effect of different training intensities and volumes on the changes in early net force production relative to net PF during the IMTP. Aagaard et al 12 previously postulated that increases in early force