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Olaf Prieske, Helmi Chaabene, Christian Puta, David G. Behm, Dirk Büsch and Urs Granacher

3181ddb03d 10.1519/JSC.0b013e3181ddb03d 14. Rodríguez-Rosell D , Mora-Custodio R , Franco-Márquez F , Yáñez-García JM , González-Badillo JJ . Traditional vs. sport-specific vertical jump tests: reliability, validity, and relationship with the legs strength and sprint performance in adult

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Rumit S. Kakar, Hilary B. Greenberger and Patrick O. McKeon

, maximum knee-flexion angle in each of the test tasks, peak hip abduction during step-down and drop jump tests, peak frontal plane projection angle of the knee during step-downs, and knee translation in sagittal plane. Participants Ten physically active participants with self-reported anterior knee pain

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Zeynep Hazar Kanik, Seyit Citaker, Canan Yilmaz Demirtas, Neslihan Celik Bukan, Bulent Celik and Gurkan Gunaydin

dynamometer was placed just above the ankle, and resistance was applied downward over 1 second. Following a familiarization test, subjects performed 2 trials with standardized verbal encouragement, and the peak force (measured in kilograms) maintained for over half a second was recorded. 17 Vertical Jump Test

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Michely V. Andreatta, Victor M. Curty, João Victor S. Coutinho, Miguel Ângelo A. Santos, Paula F. Vassallo, Nuno F. de Sousa and Valério G. Barauna

vertically for maximum height in one continuous movement. To perform the test, a contact mat was used (Jump Test; Hidrofit, Belo Horizonte, Brazil). All the subjects had been previously familiarized with SJ and CJ tests. Blood Lactate Concentration Blood lactate concentration was measured before (pre) and

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Doris Bolt, René Giger, Stefan Wirth and Jaap Swanenburg

everyday living and thus the SDT is not challenging enough. Whereas the jump test could find a difference between athletes with CAI and uninjured controls. 2 To overcome this problem incorporating an additional task during the measurement could possibly reduce their ability to compensate for deficits. 8

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Mark G.L. Sayers and Stephen Bishop

similar measures taken from force platforms during vertical jump testing. Our findings that reliability for each variable decreased at the heavier load (ie, decrease in ICC and/or increase in CV%) is also consistent with previous research on both ballistic bench press 29 and medicine ball throwing. 22

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Ryo Yamanaka, Hayato Ohnuma, Ryosuke Ando, Fumiya Tanji, Toshiyuki Ohya, Masahiro Hagiwara and Yasuhiro Suzuki

 al . Regulation of pacing strategy during athletic competition . PLoS ONE . 2011 ; 6 ( 1 ): e15863 . PubMed ID: 21283744 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0015863 12. Misjuk M , Viru M . The relationships between jumping tests and speed abilities among Estonian sprinters . Acta Academiae Olympiquae Estoniae

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Franco M. Impellizzeri, Samuele M. Marcora and Aaron J. Coutts

common athlete monitoring measures such as the hormonal response after exercise, jump tests used to assess neuromuscular fatigue or self-reports about postexercise symptoms (eg, fatigue and muscle soreness) should not be considered as measures of internal load. As a rule of thumb, an indicator of the

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Christopher Rosimus

? Squash relevance? CMJ Measure of leg power The RSI and CMJ are considered to be a measure of explosive ability of the leg extensors in fast stretch–shortening cycle actions under high stretch loads. RSI (30-cm drop jump) The RSI is a ratio of jump height to ground contact time during a drop jump test

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Jorge Carlos-Vivas, Jorge Perez-Gomez, Ola Eriksrud, Tomás T. Freitas, Elena Marín-Cascales and Pedro E. Alcaraz

. PubMed ID: 22868347 doi: 10.1123/ijspp.8.2.148 4. Markovic G , Dizdar D , Jukic I , Cardinale M . Reliability and factorial validity of squat and countermovement jump tests . J Strength Cond Res . 2004 ; 18 ( 3 ): 551 – 555 . PubMed ID: 15320660 5. Brughelli M , Cronin J , Levin