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Alis Bonsignore, David Field, Rebecca Speare, Lianne Dolan, Paul Oh and Daniel Santa Mina

history of PCa is associated with increases in lean body mass and small but nonsignificant reductions in body fat. 31 , 32 The addition of aerobic training to resistance training confers similar benefits for improving lean body mass and small but nonsignificant reductions in fat mass. 33 Results of one

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Mindy Patterson, Wanyi Wang and Alexis Ortiz

Unfavorable changes in body composition associated with the aging process contribute to the development and severity of chronic diseases ( Halter et al., 2014 ; Prince et al., 2015 ). Such changes include decreased resting energy expenditure (REE) related to changes in lean body mass and major

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Romuald Lepers, Paul J. Stapley and Thomas Cattagni

with the young athletes, master triathletes presented lower cycling efficiency (−11%) and a greater energy cost of running (+11%). 12 In addition, when the data were scaled to lean body mass rather than total body mass, these changes in the energy cost of running were even more pronounced during

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Mitchell J. Henderson, Bryna C.R. Chrismas, Christopher J. Stevens, Aaron J. Coutts and Lee Taylor

, % 19.2 (12.6–26) Lean body mass, kg 54.7 (49.8–66.6) Design Data were collected across the first day (3 games played, 2 wins, 1 loss) of the Australian WRWSS tournament in Sydney, Australia (February 1–3, 2019). Players had been in the same time zone ≥14 days prior to the tournament, thus, circadian

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Kathleen F. Janz and Fatima Baptista

height velocity) as a random effect and sex, ethnicity, tibia length, lean body mass, and VPA (volume and bout frequency) as fixed effects. Results : VPA volume and bout frequency were positively associated with F.Load across adolescence; however, VPA volume did not predict F.Load once VPA bout

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Inès Boukabous, Alexis Marcotte-Chénard, Taha Amamou, Pierre Boulay, Martin Brochu, Daniel Tessier, Isabelle Dionne and Eléonor Riesco

, Chicago, IL), allowing the measurement of three types of tissue: bone mass, FM, and lean body mass. Android, gynoid, trunk, legs, and arm region were automatically determined by the enCORE software. Estimation of VAT was automatically computed by subtracting subcutaneous adipose tissue from the total FM

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Whitney A. Welch, Scott J. Strath, Michael Brondino, Renee Walker and Ann M. Swartz

expenditure was measured using a portable metabolic system. Average walk speed during the activity conditions was 1.4 (0.3) mph. Finally, participants completed a body composition measurement at the end of their first visit to determine percent lean body mass. Participants then visited the laboratory on 3

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Hellen C.G. Nabuco, Crisieli M. Tomeleri, Rodrigo R. Fernandes, Paulo Sugihara Junior, Edilaine F. Cavalcante, Danielle Venturini, Décio S. Barbosa, Analiza M. Silva, Luís B. Sardinha and Edilson S. Cyrino

weeks of increased dietary protein intake plus RT decreased MetS Z -score values, WC, %BF, and increased lean body mass of healthy older women. Increased protein intake in combination with RT was effective in increasing SMM by 3.9%, confirming previous studies of the effectiveness of this type of

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Oliver C. Witard, Ina Garthe and Stuart M. Phillips

predominance of catabolism in adipose tissue, and the gain of muscle mass (i.e., lean body mass [LBM]) is a result of predominance of anabolism in skeletal muscle, this requires the track and field athlete to practice a meticulously tailored meal plan, combined with an adequate and sports-specific strength

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Gregory Severino, Marcos Sanchez-Gonzalez, Michelle Walters-Edwards, Michael Nordvall, Oksana Chernykh, Jason Adames and Alexei Wong

, using a weighing scale (Life Measurement, Inc., Concord, CA) and a stadiometer. BMI was calculated as weight in kg/height in m 2 . Percent body fat (BF%), fat mass (FM, kg), and lean body mass (LBM, kg) were determined using the BodPod whole-body air-displacement plethysmography method (Life Measurement