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Eric D.B. Goulet, Adrien De La Flore, Félix A. Savoie and Jonathan Gosselin

potential to mask blood doping practices, glycerol has been added to the World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited List (in and out of competitions; Nelson et al., 2011 ). Administration of 1.0 g glycerol/kg BM 2.5 hr before exercise has been shown to result in urine concentration values well above the

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Jacinta M. Saldaris, Grant J. Landers and Brendan S. Lay

making and working memory with ICE, such as thermal sensation. After precooling with ICE, RPTS was lower compared with CON, therefore participants began the run in the heat feeling cooler. It has been suggested that cooling masks the true state of the body, 28 thus may delay the point at which cognitive

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Quinn Malone, Steven Passmore and Michele Maiers

the effect of different epoch times (increasing the epoch length tends to mask temporary dips in activity) on wear time, sedentary behavior, and physical activity, showing significant differences in all three with epoch length ( Banda et al., 2016 ). Finally, there is a need for a cut-point set

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Caroline Lisee, Tom Birchmeier, Arthur Yan, Brent Geers, Kaitlin O’Hagan, Callum Davis and Christopher Kuenze

assessments focus on bilateral landing tasks. 6 , 9 Although both single- and double-leg landings are important to consider, double-leg landing tasks often mask compensations that an individuals may use to protect or support the injured limb. Single-leg landing tasks demonstrate greater vGRF compared with

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Jenny H. Conviser, Amanda Schlitzer Tierney and Riley Nickols

severity of EDs are underestimated, especially when the athlete is performing well, creating a false sense of health and wellness. In addition, athletes will characteristically work hard to meet the demands of the sport and mask any emerging performance deficiencies. Performance decrements and medical

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Howard N. Zelaznik

tasks. Our tasks capture what the human biological machinery can do, but often times masks what we naturally do. Perhaps by examining goal structures and timing processes, one can discover what humans naturally do to control movements. References Billon , M. , Semjen , A. , & Stelmach , G

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John B. Bartholomew and Sherri L. Sanders

alignment with departmental goals and could be included to support change. For example, travel funds to a conference might be offered as a means to help faculty update their course content and enhance their research. Likewise, resistance to diversity often masks a lack of control over a faculty search and

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J. Luke Pryor, Brittany Christensen, Catherine G. R. Jackson and Stephanie Moore-Reed

exercise bouts for 10 minutes during which water was provided ad libitum. During the last 2 minutes of each rest period, participants redonned the metabolic cart mask to ensure V ˙ O 2 and HR were within 10% of baseline levels before performing the next exercise bout. Statistical Analysis Descriptive

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Garrett S. Bullock, Taylor Chapman, Thomas Joyce, Robert Prengle, Taylor Stern and Robert J. Butler

score may remain the same, this may be masking a deficit in an individual movement pattern. By examining individual FMS test components, precise interventions can be utilized to enhance specific fundamental movement patterns. 12 , 13 The FMS has been shown to be an effective measure to assess movement

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Rachel Arnold, Nicole Bolter, Lori Dithurbide, Karl Erickson, Blair Evans, Larkin Lamarche, Sean Locke, Eric Martin and Kathleen Wilson

Edited by Kim Gammage

incidences of mental illness in the general population. These studies, though, suffer from several limitations that include a limited sample size and a lack of matched comparison groups that may mask adverse effects. It remains unknown, then, whether athletes are better adjusted than their age- and sex