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Garrett S. Bullock, Taylor Chapman, Thomas Joyce, Robert Prengle, Taylor Stern and Robert J. Butler

score may remain the same, this may be masking a deficit in an individual movement pattern. By examining individual FMS test components, precise interventions can be utilized to enhance specific fundamental movement patterns. 12 , 13 The FMS has been shown to be an effective measure to assess movement

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Quinn Malone, Steven Passmore and Michele Maiers

the effect of different epoch times (increasing the epoch length tends to mask temporary dips in activity) on wear time, sedentary behavior, and physical activity, showing significant differences in all three with epoch length ( Banda et al., 2016 ). Finally, there is a need for a cut-point set

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Senia Smoot Reinert, Allison L. Kinney, Kurt Jackson, Wiebke Diestelkamp and Kimberly Bigelow

Stability sway ranges across age groups may mask potentially important normal and pathological changes in postural control. These findings should also be considered when using Limits of Stability testing to determine differences between clinical populations (eg, Parkinson’s) and healthy older adults. In

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Dan Goodley

). Black skins, white masks ( 3rd ed. ). London, UK : Pluto Press . Goodley , D. ( 2014 ). Dis/ability studies: Theorising disablism and ableism . London, UK : Routledge . 10.4324/9780203366974 Goodley , D. ( 2016 ). Disability studies: An interdisciplinary introduction ( 2nd ed. ). London, UK

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Matthew J. Barlow, Antonis Elia, Oliver M. Shannon, Angeliki Zacharogianni and Angelica Lodin-Sundstrom

’s instructions, was used to assess the effects of NO 3 − supplementation on pulmonary oxygen uptake ( V ˙ O 2 ) during breath-holds. Expired air was collected in the final-minute preapnea and the first-minute postapnea, through a face mask (Hans Rudolph, Inc., Shawnee, KS) attached to the gas analysis system

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John B. Bartholomew and Sherri L. Sanders

alignment with departmental goals and could be included to support change. For example, travel funds to a conference might be offered as a means to help faculty update their course content and enhance their research. Likewise, resistance to diversity often masks a lack of control over a faculty search and

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Christian P. Cheung, Joshua T. Slysz and Jamie F. Burr

. 13 This has been supported by a number of randomized control studies; 14 – 16 however, other evidence suggests that observed benefits are primarily a placebo effect 17 , 18 directly relating to the challenges of masking the sham control. The most common control condition mimics an IPC setup using

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Kwok Ng, Jorma Tynjälä, Dagmar Sigmundová, Lilly Augustine, Mariane Sentenac, Pauli Rintala and Jo Inchley

reporting on levels of PA, the practice used in this study was replicated from Sallis et al. ( 2016 ), which considered young people as active only if they achieved at least 60 min of MPVA daily, in line with current international policy recommendations. However, this may inadvertently mask differences

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Howard N. Zelaznik

tasks. Our tasks capture what the human biological machinery can do, but often times masks what we naturally do. Perhaps by examining goal structures and timing processes, one can discover what humans naturally do to control movements. References Billon , M. , Semjen , A. , & Stelmach , G

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Jenny H. Conviser, Amanda Schlitzer Tierney and Riley Nickols

severity of EDs are underestimated, especially when the athlete is performing well, creating a false sense of health and wellness. In addition, athletes will characteristically work hard to meet the demands of the sport and mask any emerging performance deficiencies. Performance decrements and medical