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Madison Ardizzi, Brian Wilson, Lyndsay Hayhurst and Janet Otte

wanted a bicycle—and men had more stigma toward the virus than woman. Therefore, these initiatives could work to decrease stigma in the community, encourage individuals to get checked, and normalize the experiences of those with HIV/AIDS. However, at the same time that the bicycle was described

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Matt C. Crockett and Ted Butryn

, surveillance, normalization, and self-monitoring ( Foucault, 1977 ; Markula & Pringle, 2006 ). These ideas interpreted the architecture and division of sport spaces as disciplining forces that subtly encouraged, or even blatantly coerced, the body to function in line with normative discourses. Vertinsky

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Mary G. McDonald

identity, but to a normalization of particular behaviors and representations, which have powerful consequences for, racialized bodies in terms of life, opportunity, and reward ( McDonald, 2005 ). Over the course of time this idealized white nation in turn helps to (re)constitute the affective power of

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Matthew Lamont

changes. Allen-Collinson, Crust, and Swann ( 2018 ) proposed “endurance work” as a concept linking mind–body processes when an individual experiences physiological and psychological duress during embodied endurance practices. Endurance work is further characterized by a culturally normalized ethos of

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Ray Gamache

normalized, highly politicized, affective investments” ( Andrews & Silk, 2018 , p. 513). Ultimately, despite having a facade of certitude and scientificity, replays carry discursive messages about whose stories and what values are worth communicating while dismissing or obscuring others. Last Dance This

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Adele Pavlidis, Millicent Kennelly and Laura Rodriguez Castro

normalize and reinforce “ideals of White, middle-class femininity”. There were instances where these ideals were challenged, including through representations of loss, intense emotion, and even anger, but overall, whiteness and normative femininity were presented as “natural” and “neutral”. As feminist

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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Allison B. Smith, Natalie M. Welch and Robin Hardin

. Research suggests sexist comments, phrases, jokes, and behaviors towards women has become normalized and rendered an ordinary part of expression ( Savigny, 2014 ). This systematic sexism can lead to a “chilly climate” or a culture where women feel marginalized and devalued ( Hall & Sandler, 1982 ). Sexism

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David Cassilo and Jimmy Sanderson

Many professional sport franchises have undergone shifts in talent evaluation strategies by moving to analytic and data-driven approaches. However, National Football League (NFL) franchises have been resistant to fully embrace the analytical model, as NFL organizational management structures tend to be isomorphic. In 2016, the Cleveland Browns initiated an ideological break from this system by hiring “moneyball” guru Paul DePodesta, a move that signaled a shift to an analytics-based model in organizational management. A textual analysis of 120 online media articles was carried out to determine how media reports framed this philosophical shift. Results revealed that frames predominantly portrayed analytics as being in direct opposition to normalized operational structures in the NFL. The results illustrate how difficult it is to change the discourse and embrace new management ideas that are perceived to contrast with dominant ideologies.

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Duane Knudson

standard 2-year window for citations to calculate the IF disadvantages disciplines or fields that have small numbers of references per paper and lower citation rates. Large variation in citation density and half-life has led to efforts to normalize the IF and other citation metrics to academic disciplines

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Howard N. Zelaznik

tactile feedback affected the kinematic properties of the timing movements, normalized mean square jerk (a measure of movement smoothness) was calculated ( Teulings, Contrerasvidal, Stelmach, & Adler, 1997 ). The values of normalized mean square jerk in circle drawing were unaffected by the alterations of