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Dustin J. Oranchuk, Eric J. Drinkwater, Riki S. Lindsay, Eric R. Helms, Eric T. Harbour and Adam G. Storey

investigators have stated that the second pull is the most important phase of the PC and is associated with the highest barbell velocity, 15 peak force, 13 and corresponding peak power output. 14 During the second pull, an inverse relationship exists between PC load and peak barbell velocity with previous

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Christopher C. Webster, Kathryn M. van Boom, Nur Armino, Kate Larmuth, Timothy D. Noakes, James A. Smith and Tertius A. Kohn

earlier publication are repeated in this article. The LCHF and Mixed diet groups each comprised seven healthy, well-trained, male cyclists who were matched for age, VO 2 max, peak power output, and body composition (Table  1 ) and who were following their respective diets without any significant changes

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Patrick P.J.M. Schoenmakers, Florentina J. Hettinga and Kate E. Reed

session, as inadequate recovery had been prescribed given the intensity of the work interval, resulting in failure to complete the session. While the training intervention still improved time-trial performance, peak power output, and the maximum oxygen uptake ( V ˙ O 2 max ), 22 a protocol involving a

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Kyle M.A. Thompson, Alanna K. Whinton, Shane Ferth, Lawrence L. Spriet and Jamie F. Burr

extensions in highly trained males 5 and improved 6-seconds sprint cycling peak power output, 16 Gibson et al 15 did not observe an improvement in 10-, 20-, or 30-m maximal sprint time using a group of team-sport athletes. Irrespective of the sprint-specific literature, there are a number of more general

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Jessica M. Stephens, Shona L. Halson, Joanna Miller, Gary J. Slater, Dale W. Chapman and Christopher D. Askew

groups based on previous research 18 : low fat (LF), body-fat percentage ≤12.0% (n = 10), or high fat (HF), body-fat percentage ≥18.0% (n = 10) (Table  1 ). Subjects were nonsmokers, free of illness or injury, and required to have a minimum cycling peak power output (PPO) at VO 2 max of 250 W. The sample

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Daniel Bok and Igor Jukić

]. Russell et al 9 reported significant correlations ( r  = −.558, P  ≤ .005) between [CK] and peak power output during countermovement jump measured after the match, suggesting that greater muscle damage is induced in players with lower power capacities. Similarly, Owen et al 11 presented moderate ( r

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Bent R. Rønnestad, Tue Rømer and Joar Hansen

were both repeated once more, again in a randomized order. The HIT session with the highest mean VO 2 from the 2 repeated days of testing (within condition) was used in statistical analyses. The recovery demand of neuromuscular function was assessed by measuring peak power output during a seated leg

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Julian A. Owen, Matthew B. Fortes, Saeed Ur Rahman, Mahdi Jibani, Neil P. Walsh and Samuel J. Oliver

with the hydration assessment techniques and completed a graded cycle exercise test to determine their peak power output, which was used to prescribe the workload for the experimental trial cycling exercise (Excalibur Sport, Lode, The Netherlands). Study Protocol This study followed a crossover design

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Milos Mallol, David J. Bentley, Lynda Norton, Kevin Norton, Gaizka Mejuto and Javier Yanci

100 W, depending on the gender (female or male). Each stage lasted 1 minute, and the load was increased by 20 W until exhaustion. PO was obtained in each stage, HR and RPE recorded in the final 15 seconds of every stage, and HR maximum and peak power output (PPO) were determined as previously

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Michal Botek, Jakub Krejčí, Andrew J. McKune and Barbora Sládečková

administration compared with placebo. 6 An antifatigue effect of HRW ingestion (2 L·d −1 for 2-wk preexercise) during intermittent cycling was also reported by Da Ponte et al, 9 who showed a 7.4% attenuation in the decline of peak power output from the sixth to the ninth of 10 sprints. Similarly, Aoki et al 7